The impact of grid computing has rapidly expanded beyond that which can be disseminated by individual projects. To better showcase the achievements of grid computing projects, the GridTalk project is telling the success stories of Europe's e-infrastructure, targeting three main audiences: policymakers working in government, science and industry; scientists with an interest in grid computing; and the general public. GridTalk began on 1 May 2008, and will run for two years, co-funded by the EC as part of its 7th Framework program.

Partners GridTalk's partners are:
Work program GridTalk's work comes in three areas:  
Informing policymakers
Many e-infrastructure policy activities produce reports of interest to a wider community, covering topics such as grid standards, security or progress towards a sustainable grid infrastructure. GridTalk works with European e-infrastructure to produce articles and briefings written in jargon-free language, providing timely summaries of policy-oriented reports or key issues. These outputs target scientists and the general public, as well as non-technical policymakers in government and industry.

The GridCafé website was produced by CERN in 2003 to tell the public about grid computing and has been nominated for Pirelli International and Webby awards. GridTalk is maintaining and extending the GridCafé website, keeping it at the cutting edge of grid dissemination. It is also continuing the GridCast project, where scientists at grid events blog about their experiences. GridTalk is also producing a GridGuide, giving a human face to grid computing, allowing users to listen to podcasts from grid sites worldwide and watch interviews with researchers. By integrating this with Imperial College's more technically-oriented Real Time Monitor, audiences will get a visual demonstration of what grids are doing and who is using them.

The GridGuide website introduces the sites and sights of global grid computing. Visitors can explore an interactive map of the world and visit a sample of the thousands of institutes using grid computing to power their research.

International Science Grid This Week (ISGTW)
ISGTW is a successful weekly electronic newsletter that informs over three thousand readers in one hundred countries about scientific grid computing. ISGTW was formed as a joint project between Open Science Grid in the U.S. and EGEE. GridTalk will allow ISGTW to cover more European grid projects and to expand the ISGTW resources section, providing information and support for scientists working with grids or considering becoming involved.