GridBriefing 1 Anual report 2009 - 2010 GT-Brief March 2009
GridBriefing 1 eLearning and grid computing - July 2010 GT-Brief March 2009
Computers and the Internet have transformed our homes and businesses, and have the potential to do the same for education and training. Known as eLearning, using such technologies can be as simple as accessing a school timetable online, through to running virtual communities for sharing and creating knowledge. This briefing looks at the issues surrounding the topic, and how grid technologies and Europe’s e-Infrastructures can play a part in this new way of learning.
GridBriefing 1 Future needs of the ESFRI projects - June 2010 GT-Brief March 2009
In April 2010 the European e-Infrastructure Forum released a report that examined the requirements of the ESFRI-projects and outlined the services and resources that the e-Infrastructure community can offer. This briefing summarises that report and the issues it raises.
GridBriefing 1 The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) - May 2010 GT-Brief March 2009
On 1 May 2010, EGI took over the coordination of European grid infrastructure. Through the previous DataGrid and Enabling Grids for E-SciencE (EGEE) projects, researchers across the globe reaped the benefits of grid technologies. Now, the organisation established to coordinate EGI, hopes to continue this trend. A discussion of the opportunities and challenges EGI faces on the road to a sustainable future.
GridBriefing 1 The data-centric age - April 2010 GT-Brief March 2009
It is estimated that more scientific data will be generated in the next five years than in the history of mankind. But while more data provides opportunities for new discoveries and fields of inquiry it has created problems with regards to storage, curation, access and analysis. This GridBriefing provides a snapshot of the most pertinent topics resulting from the so-called data deluge.
GridBriefing 1 Digitising culture: Grids and eHumanities - December 2009 GT-Brief March 2009
The era of eHumanities has arrived. No longer consigned to manuscript, memory or museums, digitisation is transferring the humanities to our computers. “Our original sources are scattered in many ways: historical documents in archives and libraries, works of art in museums, archaeological finds in ancient sites, disappearing languages on the tongues of native speakers,” says Peter Doorn, director of the proposed humanities infrastructure, DARIAH.
GridBriefing 1 Transferring technology: Grids in Business - October 2009 GT-Brief March 2009
Grid technology is used in a number of differing areas - from biomedicine to geosciences. However grid technologies can also be used outside the academic arena - helping organisations to provide enhanced processing power, access distributed resources and form stronger collaborations. A look at how the technology and expertise created by the grid community can be used in the commercial world.
GridBriefing 1 The future of Healthcare - eHealth and Grid Computing - September 2009 GT-Brief March 2009
From a patient’s heart monitor to electronic health records, ICT has integrated itself into all aspects of healthcare with grid computing playing a key role. A closer look at how eHealth and grids are shaping the future of healthcare.
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GridBriefing 1 A Greener Way? Grids and Green Computing - July 2009 GT-Brief March 2009
Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing us in the 21st century and, across Europe, efforts are being made to cut down on energy usage and carbon emissions. How grid computing and green ICT can help us reach the EU's green targets by 2012.
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GridBriefing 1 Annual report 2008 - 2009 GT-Brief March 2009
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GridBriefing 1 The future of innovation: developing Europe's ICT einfrastructures - April 2009 GT-Brief March 2009

What do Europe’s ICT infrastructures look like now? What needs to happen over the next ten years to ensure we remain competitive? Summarizing the achievements and challenges of European e-infrastructures for e-science.

GridBriefing 1 Facing the skills shortage: attracting more women to ICT - March 2009 GT-Brief March 2009
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How can we encourage more women into Information and Communication Technologies? Analyzing the situation of women in ICT and ways in which we can increase their number.
GridBriefing 1 Grids and clouds - January 2009
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What’s the difference between a grid and a cloud? How can these technologies interact? Investigating the role of grids and clouds in providing the extra computing power needed for European innovation.

GridBriefing 1 European Grid Initiative - September 2008 GridBriefing July
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What is the European Grid Initiative? What does it hope to achieve? Summarizing the blueprint for EGI: towards a sustainable long-term European grid infrastructure.

GridBriefing 1 What is a grid? - August 2008 GridBriefing July
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How do grids work? Why are they useful? Introducing grid computing with case studies of its application to high energy physics, fusion energy, malaria control and more.
GridBriefing 1 Grids and standardization - June 2008
GridBriefing Standardization
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What are grid standards? How is the grid community meeting the standards challenge? Examining the standards debate and the need (or otherwise) for grid standards.