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Importance of Business Analyst in Scrum Team

Role of Business Analyst in Scrum [ DETAILED GUIDE] 

Agile organizations have matured in the past era, and several industries counting the Software manufacturing business have implemented Agile in their association. Since companies began favouring the Agile work technique, numerous benefits regarding revenue, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, smooth product development procedure functioning, and amplifying…


Top Agro-Tech Web Apps for Farmers 

According to Farm Journal Media research, 59 percent of farmers use smartphones and 44 percent use tablets. Downloading several agricultural applications would be a wise choice if you are a farmer who uses mobile devices to assist make your small agricultural business more efficient. If…


5 Programmatic ad networks for Podcasts 

Whether you’re securely emerging from seclusion or continuing to remove yourself socially, people throughout America are experiencing a profound and powerful collective moment right now. We’re still dealing with one of the oldest, most traumatic experiences of our lives. For some, this means reuniting with…


Banned from MailChimp: 4 Alternatives 

Although Mailchimp is widely recognized as one of the most well-known email marketing solutions in the industry, it is not the perfect choice for every organization. As a result, we’ll go through all of the significant Mailchimp alternatives ideal for your company in this article….