There are other newsletter platforms besides Substack that can aid in audience growth and revenue generation. Substack might not be the ideal option for you, depending on your needs. For most individuals, it’s probably not the perfect option for a newsletter platform. On one of the earliest internet technologies, marketers, journalists, writers, and many other business people are generating fortunes by sending out daily, weekly, and monthly messages to their followers.

Why Should You Use a Substack Alternative? 

The simplicity of Substack means there isn’t any modification possibilities for creating newsletter designs. Numerous Substack substitutes give you more control over how your information is styled. This enables you to produce content that more accurately reflects your brand.

Additionally, Substack lacks capabilities like in-depth analytics that may show you how well your newsletters are doing. Although Substack is free to use, it might not be as profitable as you expect to create paid emails with it.

This is due to Substack taking 10% of your profits whenever you monetize your mailings. Additionally, you will be charged transaction fees for payments made via Stripe. However, there are Substack alternatives that don’t impose any additional fees, as you can see in this list. As a result, you can keep more of your earnings.

Let’s dive into this list of the best Substack alternatives.¬†

1. Ghost

The open-source platform Ghost allows authors and media producers to build websites and publish their material. You can even receive paid subscriptions using the member-only option, allowing you to monetize your newsletters.

Since Ghost is self-hosted, you can download and set it up on your web hosting account. This provides you complete freedom over creating membership services, generating the content, and customizing your website.

It is simple to manage and track your earnings with Ghost. This is because it only provides a monthly membership cost as revenue.

It offers an easier premium solution called Ghost Pro for those who are not technical. This excellent Substack substitute takes care of your website’s hosting needs and other issues. So all you have to do is register and start making newsletters.

2. ConvertKit

One of the most excellent email marketing tools is ConvertKit, which makes it simple to generate both free and paid newsletters. As it focuses on content creators and how to assist them in selling material, it is also a potent substitute for Substack.

You can easily expand your audience with the help of the marketing, automation, and commerce capabilities included with this hosted platform. It enables you to divide your list into segments and send each subscriber a unique email.

You can schedule your emails and automate your email funnels with Convertkit’s visual automation builder for a better user experience.

3. Revue

Revue is another alternative for Substack. Twitter has recently purchased this free mailing service. By doing this, you can interact with new users and gain promotions on the social networking platform.

Revue boasts an intuitive user interface that is quick and easy to pick up on. Additionally, you’ll get access to their robust newsletter editor, enabling you to alter and generate content freely. Even your unique branding is available without charging extra.

Additionally, it provides scheduling options, allowing you to distribute your newsletter whenever convenient. You must link to your Stripe account to receive payments.

4. MemberPress 

The finest membership plugin for WordPress websites is MemberPress. You don’t need any coding experience to use this plugin to build a fully functional membership site if you use WordPress.

You can create several membership levels and set up subscription costs using MemberPress. It enables you to place a paywall around your material so you may generate a steady stream of cash.

You can also update your paying subscribers with newsletters containing new content links. The plugin also enables you to join email marketing tools like Constant Contact, AWeber, and others to expand your email list.

You may combine MemberPress with well-known payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize to receive payments. For your subscription plans, you have the option to set up both one-time and monthly payments.


You need a place to grow because the Internet is constantly changing and looking for better methods for people to congregate and communicate.

Although it isn’t ideal, Substack is an excellent choice. We list the top Substack substitutes in this article to help you navigate. The two most well-known are Revue and ConvertKit, which provide excellent options for monetizing your material.