What is Header Bidding, and how does it work?

Header bidding (also known as Prebid) is real-time bidding between various advertisers from different partners. All of the major ad partners and exchanges are part of our broad partner network, allowing you to capture bids from as many advertisers as possible, regardless of their buying platform. Header bidding allows each partner to bid in real-time, enhancing competition and increasing the winning bid. Header bidding allows you to take advantage of higher competition for your ad space as well as a speedier auction, which enhances relevancy and increases revenue.

While there is no silver bullet for solving header bidding programmatic concerns, there are dependable networks that can assist publishers, notably mobile publishers, in keeping track of their operations. Because of their various geographies, target audiences, devices used, and verticals they operate in, each publisher’s scenario is unique.

Top 5 Alternatives to Prebid.js for Header Bidding

We’ve highlighted some of the most popular ad networks that, in our opinion, are the most sensible options for header bidding. After you’ve gone over them, you’ll be able to include one or two (but not more than two) relevant suppliers in your header bidding setup. Given the rapid evolution of the mobile advertising ecosystem, organizations that provide header bidding managed services for mobile publishers will receive significant attention.

The FairBid platform, which was launched by Fyber in 2018, is a unified auction that takes place in a mobile app environment. All SDK-based ad networks, as well as all top DSPs and direct advertisers, can be included in every auction using Fyber’s mediation platform and mobile-focused RTB exchanges. What’s more, the platform gives us the option of adopting a waterfall configuration or a real-time unified auction to monetize the ad experience. Fyber’s website has a comprehensive section with all of the necessary information for setting up, configuring, and integrating FairBid, depending on the platform the app is operating on. It also provides skilled support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Amazon opted to make a difference in the header bidding technology sector to maintain its status as a technology powerhouse. Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) and Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM) are two server-side bidding methods offered by the Amazon ad network to publishers (UAM). TAM is aimed at large publishers, whereas UAM is aimed at small and medium publishers. TAM necessitates a more involved initial setup on the publisher’s part, whereas UAM provides a method in which Amazon manages all demand partners on the publisher’s behalf. Amazon offers a straightforward reporting tool where publishers may find transparent pricing structures, auction-level reporting, and watch how bidders compete in both cases.

AppNexus, the Xandr firm, is the originator of Prebid.org, a pioneer in open-source header bidding. The organization is a dependable provider of enterprise goods for digital advertising buyers and vendors. The AppNexus publisher ad server promises a quick setup and a wide range of administration options. We’d suggest AppNexus to advanced publishers with a deeper understanding of prebid programmatic advertising and appropriate engineering capabilities, based on the AppNexus console reviews.

Rubicon Project is a cloud-based platform powered by Prebid Server that is trusted by the world’s largest publishers. Since its inception in 2007, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest digital advertising exchanges. Publishers can choose between a free but limited (in terms of UI and analytics) hosted Rubicon Project Prebid Server solution or a fully-managed but premium Rubicon Project Prebid Server option. The latter will feature an intuitive user interface as well as on-demand assistance from Prebid and yield management experts. Publishers praise Rubicon Project for its user-friendly interface and positive user experience. They have a very responsive customer care team that takes a specialized approach to resolve issues for each publication.

PubMatic is a well-known name in the digital advertising world. The company made a significant investment in enterprise-grade administration and analytics tools paired with the transparency and freedom of Prebid open-source with the development of the OpenWrap in-app header bidding solutions. PubMatic gives publishers a simpler UI and better UX, as well as support and control over the integration and bidding processes, by building their solutions on the Prebid open-source platform.