Growth hacking may sound like a trendy marketing buzzword, but its underlying ideas are rather simple.

To put it briefly, Instagram growth hacking is all about trying and testing various strategies to increase your following base and engagement by manipulating the Instagram algorithm. The definition given online for the phrase, which comes from the marketing world, is “a process of fast testing across marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to determine the most efficient ways to build a business.”

A growth hacking strategy uses free platform features to increase the reach and effect of your brand’s Instagram content rather than investing thousands of dollars in Instagram ads.

Additionally, the key to success with growth hacking is being open to innovation and experimentation. It entails taking calculated risks and utilizing the most recent Instagram platform capabilities to determine which marketing strategies would produce the best results for your brand.

Here’s a list of five hacks we’ve found particularly effective.

1. Maximize the use of tagging.

The low usage of Instagram’s tagging options is unexpected. You can accomplish a lot with them. For instance, you are permitted to tag up to 20 additional persons in your pictures. Make sure the accounts are appropriate for the post. Any individual or brand-name item prominently displayed in the image would be the logical place to start. You may then tag any accounts that frequently regram the same type of information when tagged.

This will cause your posts to appear on the accounts’ tagged pages. This will direct any fans or followers visiting that page to your profile. The possibility of being immediately regrammed by the user also exists, which is always advantageous for exposure.

2. Pay attention to regrams.

So what exactly are regrams? Simply put, it occurs when someone shares content from another account. Additionally, giving credit to the other individual is standard Instagram etiquette when doing so.

Regrams are fantastic since they let other users know about you who may not have known about you. There are several things you may do to encourage them to participate more. If someone regrams you, go read the comments. Engage in conversation with those you encounter there. Additionally, you may view their profiles, follow them, and comment on their postings. Hopefully, they’ll start returning the favor. The best technique to attract followers is frequently through interaction. After all, socializing and networking are the main purposes of Instagram. People there typically appreciate it when others acknowledge them and try to connect with them.

3. Diversify your hashtag selection.

Hashtags are absolutely essential to your visibility on Instagram.  Your lack of use of them is a big factor in why you aren’t attracting many followers. Hashtags, geotags, and usernames are the only three items that Instagram’s search tool can locate. There won’t be anything else in your post or captions. Therefore, manually adding hashtags is required to make your material discoverable. Each post may contain up to 30 hashtags.

Here is when exercising strategic thinking is beneficial. Some users will unintentionally gravitate toward using the most well-liked hashtags for their posts. Yes, it makes sense. Most people will undoubtedly see your stuff if you do that.

Things don’t quite turn out that way. The most popular hashtags involve some risk. Although there are more users, there is much more stuff for users to choose from. It is therefore preferable to somewhat diversify it.

4. Post interactive and engaging stories.

Many influencers and brands use this as one of the finest strategies for boosting interactions with their fans. Regardless of how small your community may be, you will be able to witness an increase in the rate of your engagements the more your community engages with you.

These were the tried-and-true top Instagram growth techniques for acquiring immediate Instagram followers. These will assist you in expanding an interactive and interesting Instagram following and your brand’s online visibility. You will be able to experience success with consistency and high-caliber postings, not to mention by developing a social media marketing strategy for your Instagram account.

5. Team up with other users. 

One of the most enjoyable ways to increase your following is through this. Find folks on Instagram who share your sensibility by just browsing the platform. Then spend some time contacting them and forming a partnership. There are numerous varieties of cooperation you two can engage in. For starters, you could trade shoutouts and regrams. They could be given complete control over what is posted on your feed if you agree to a takeover. And last, it’s not a bad idea to arrange a competition where you and your partner choose the winner.


By following these Instagram growth hacking strategies, you’re giving your business the best chance of follower growth. Remember, success won’t happen overnight. That means you must continually experiment with your Instagram marketing strategy, finding out what works best for your audience.