Whether you’re securely emerging from seclusion or continuing to remove yourself socially, people throughout America are experiencing a profound and powerful collective moment right now. We’re still dealing with one of the oldest, most traumatic experiences of our lives. For some, this means reuniting with coworkers and loved ones after a long and difficult separation. Others will have to continue to deal with a delay in resuming social connections. The tremendous rise of the audio space throughout the pandemic has been one of the most significant transformations, with audio entertainment attracting a broader audience and becoming a part of more people’s everyday routines. Weekly podcast listenership has climbed by 17% year over year, while Spotify’s ad-supported monthly active users have increased by 30% yearly. Programmatic audio insertion orders have progressively risen over the years, even on some corporations’ platforms, but the pandemic boosted it. Many individuals are listening to audio at this time, whether it’s music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Many individuals are investigating new stories, new themes, new music, and new voices as they dust off their headphones and either slip into their work clothes for the first time in more than a year or slide back onto the sofa for their workweek. Many people are relishing it in a way that didn’t exist before the outbreak. For any advertising organization wishing to target a great audience, this could be a great place to start. Audio advertising helps advertisers to contact customers during screen-free hours in today’s very mobile and connected consumer environment.

Top Programmatic ad networks for Podcast:

MediaFem is a powerful prediction engine that provides publishers with tools, intelligence reports, and customization options, which are essential for success. All video, display, mobile, and native formats are supported. It also often publishes advertisment. You may choose from various placement options, all of which can be customized to your interests and preferences. In addition to attracting the audience’s attention on a deeper level, an important benefit of these ads is that they generate better results and more money. Furthermore, MediaFem offers an income-sharing model for publishers independent of geographic location that is non-averaged.

Platforms like Basis are the most comprehensive and automated digital media platforms available. Using this tool, you can manage programmatic, direct, search, and social advertising from a single interface. With robust business intelligence, workflow automation, search and social connections, and the #1 rated DSP powered by artificial intelligence, it’s a platform on which you can manage your whole digital business. It uses AI-assisted optimizations, hyper-local targeting, a big PMP library, and straightforward cross-device targeting. In addition, Basis helps advertisers tailor their messaging, connect with targeted audiences, and increase brand engagement through the audio advertising.

AdsWizz offers a compelling medium for advertising while offering a relevant and personalized listening experience. The platform specializes in developing innovative advertising solutions. AdsWizz’s audio advertising solutions are created from the ground up to help publishers monetize their audio inventory while also offering advertisers a one-stop-shop for audio-centric programmatic bidding at scale. Also included within this software package is a platform for digital audio advertising, incorporating dynamic ad insertions, the industry’s largest global audio marketplace, and unique interactive audio ad formats.

When it comes to audio advertising, Spotify has chosen a data-driven approach. They assist you in reaching the relevant audience on Spotify via your choice automatic purchasing partner. As a result, Spotify campaigns may be built up quickly and with as much flexibility as feasible. Likewise, advertisers may use their programmatic suite to build up Spotify campaigns as quickly as possible and with as much flexibility as feasible through their preferred partner.

Frequency, a pioneer in audio advertising, combines data and creative management and optimizes the audio ad experience. They offer a Creative Management Platform designed exclusively for Audio Advertising that allows advertisers to have total control over ad creative, optimize campaigns, and use data to improve the ad experience. In addition, they tailor the audio ad experience by using listener data signals.