Imgur is a community for sharing, viewing, and creating images that will go popular. The website was primarily created for the Reddit community, but it quickly gained popularity and began receiving hundreds of thousands of hits per day. In just five months, the platform’s page views reached one million. It is now the ideal place to look for motivational and humorous images and GIFs. The website offers a ton of free photographs in a variety of formats, including GIFs. Advertising and paid account holders provide the majority of its funding. Users can submit comments and make images or GIFs using various tools before sharing them. Additionally, it provides users with a professional account, themes, GIFs, and an advanced meme generator. This is the perfect place to share images on the internet.

Why should you use Imgur?

Imgur, a prominent image storing and sharing website, is well known for its unique content. Additionally, the platform’s variety of tools makes generating new photos or GIFs simple. On the other side, thanks to its mobile app, you may explore the platform while on the go. Users can host their photographs there for free and indefinitely. You can share the pictures even if you don’t have an account. Thanks to these features, Imgur has established itself as one of the top platforms for sharing photographs on news and social networking websites. 

Why do you need an Imgur alternative?

Imgur is a free website that hosts images. Images can be uploaded, embedded, or shared without requiring an account.

Imgur began as a Reddit-specific image-sharing platform. But as luck would have it, it is currently possibly more well-known than the social network itself.

Imgur has various restrictions, despite offering some premium features for free. Here are some explanations as to why you might prefer an Imgur substitute:

  • Loss of ownership of the image
  • Imgur compresses images above 1MB
  • No editing features

Here are the 7 alternatives of Imgur:

  1. ImageShack: If you want additional features and don’t mind paying for a pro plan, the well-known image-sharing website ImageShack is a superb Imgur substitute. One of its most excellent benefits is that you can decide whether to make individual photos or entire albums public or private, which is perfect if you’d prefer to control who sees your photos. You may host photographs for your website or forum with ImageShack. Since it doesn’t compress images and stores them in high resolution, ImageShack is a great option if image quality is an issue.
  1. Postimage: Postimage is a simple Imgur substitute that enables instant image uploads to your browser. Postimage offers you many link kinds after you’ve uploaded your image, including a direct link, a hotlink, and thumbnail sharing. This way, it will be simple for you to share a permanent link on Facebook or Twitter or attach your image to a forum post. Additionally, Postimage provides you with a deletion link so you can remove images from their server.
  1. Flickr: Flickr from Yahoo is a top Imgur substitute for people who emphasise image quality. Flickr offers limitless photo displays and 1 TB of free storage. Even for skilled photographers, generous size restrictions of up to 200MB with infinite quality should be plenty. Using sophisticated editing tools, users can modify, refocus, and add filters to photographs.
  1. Imgbox: The best free alternative to Imgur is Imgbox. The image-sharing website has a few significant advantages over other Imgur rivals, like limitless storage space and time. Users who may not be familiar with picture hosting websites can navigate the site easily thanks to the simple user interface.
  1. PicPastePlus: PicPastePlus is a fantastic Imgur substitute if privacy is your top priority. The maximum number of times an image may be viewed is configurable. Additionally, you can choose how long an image can be viewed. Thanks to an auto-lock feature, you can retain photographs on the server while preventing others from viewing them.
  2. ImgPile: ImgPile is a fantastic picture hosting website for those seeking free hosting and limitless storage. For those who want to post photographs on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter with permanent links, it’s a wonderful Imgur substitute. The website allows you to upload photos up to 100MB in size and enables hotlinking. You may start uploading photographs right away without creating an account. However, perks of registering include having access to your upload history.
  1. ImgBB: Another easy-to-use free Imgur substitute is ImgBB, which can be accessed from your browser. Just drag and drop photographs or choose files from your desktop. Your photos can be quickly transformed into URLs, BBCode, and HTML thumbnails. Users can submit more extensive photographs than most of the tools on this list because of a file size restriction of up to 32MB. Another choice is to set up an upload plugin. Including a button that enables users to immediately submit images to their server, embedding them into the web page, and offers image uploading for any website.


Over the years, Imgur has shown its users that it is capable and trustworthy. When you upgrade your account to a premium one, you get access to various options and excellent services.

Some of the above-mentioned image hosting websites are worth your consideration, particularly if you require a temporary commitment. However, some alternative service providers provide better security and experience.