is known to be one of the most famous and widely used platforms for project management and collaboration. This application is feature-abundant and has been around for over 10 years in the market. It is created for all the small or large teams and project managers to engage with the fellow teammates, organize the workflow and work together, all under one common space. 

Features and price of

The one thing that makes stand out the most is the fact that it allows its users to create applications and workflows according to the different project requirements. The other features that made one of the most used project management platforms are:

  • The automation feature will prevent you from any manual errors and will ease your work and save your time in that process.
  • You can view all the ongoing projects, the project your respective teammates are working on, tracking those projects and the deadlines, all in the dashboard form of view.
  • You can invite clients to share the work progress with them directly.
  • You can even communicate with your teammates in the same space as the workflow. Thus, you will never miss or lose important pieces of information.
  • It comes with a kanban advantage, and thus you can view the projects the way you want to – whether in a calendar, timeline, or Gantt format. 

The price range for using this software is between $8-$16 per seat per month depending on the number of people in your team as well as the advanced features you might want if your workload demands. 

If has intensified your interest, you might be intrigued to know if there are any other alternatives to this application that will offer similar or more features to make your work easier and smoother. Are you interested to learn about such amazing alternatives to Continue reading to find out! 

What are the 8 alternatives of

For the ease of your choice, we have mentioned the features and price for each of the alternatives. Without any further ado, let us have a glance through the alternatives:


Wrike is known to be one of the most powerful project management tools which is known for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. The best thing about Wrike is that it is created keeping every project manager and content creator in mind. You can customize your workflow, dashboards, and streamline the work process in your own way in a hassle-free manner. 


Here are the features of Wrike that made more than 20,000 customers happy and satisfied:

  • The smart automation tool and project risk reduction feature will only take away the extra stress from your shoulder and accelerate results
  • Advanced communication features like voice commands, smart replies, and document processing
  • Interactive Gantt charts with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Kanban boards to track the progress in real-time
  • You can use Wrike’s pre-built workflows for several projects like event management, product delivery, and onboarding and increase your work efficiency
  • Keep the feedback and the detailed record of changes safe using the visual proofing feature
  • Shared team calendars to be mindful of the due dates

The price range for using this software is $9.80-$24.80 per user per month. 

Nifty PM

Nifty project management software is made to speed up your work efficiency and at the same time help you maintain your work quality. It will help you to create a clear plan of action so that you do not have to keep separate meetings to check the progress of your teammates. Work savior, isn’t it?

Here are some of the amazing features offered by Nifty PM:

  • Set goals and create a visual timeline 
  • Collaborate on tasks by organizing, prioritizing, and managing daily work
  • Different views available like Kanban, list, calendar and swimlane 
  • Chat option available to give a space to all your team members to share their ideas and thoughts on a project
  • Create unique docs, notes, and wikis to share with your teammates
  • Access automated progress reports of all your projects and share it with your teammates.

When it comes down to the pricing of Nifty, the price range falls between $39-$399 per month. It completely depends on the number of members in your team, the storage space you require, the number of active projects as well as the number of clients you are handling. 


The interface of SmartSheet is similar to a spreadsheet or an excel sheet. So, if you are comfortable using spreadsheets, you are going to enjoy SmartSheet as well. In SmartSheet, you will get the advantage of automating the workflows according to the project and the team members you will assign the task to. Along with this, you can track their performance and will get real-time updates as well.

Here are the features of SmartSheet:

  • Connect and communicate with your teammates in the same place
  • Automate the workflow as per your convenience
  • Content management and process management at scale
  • Attach files and synchronize data 
  • Digital asset management 
  • Custom email domains, e-signatures, and branding
  • Option to either export, email, or print.

The price range for using this application for a minimum of 3 team members is $7-$25 per user per month. The price varies according to the strength of your team. 


Hive themselves claim that they are the first project management tool to be created for users by users. It is created so that you can work faster and stay on top of your actions and projects in that manner. Managing multiple tasks will be faster and simpler with features like the task management tool, your action list, and native chat.

Here are the features of Hive:

  • For the ease of project management, features that are available are tracking an unlimited number of tasks and projects, flexible project views, overviews of those projects like the report and summary, creating intake forms to collect information, personal to-do list, and agile tracking system.
  • Time management tools like team-wide resourcing, auto-scheduling meetings, trash bin, and time tracking.
  • Team collaboration tools like in-app messenger, proofing and approvals, in-app email, shared inboxes, and customized project access for additional security.
  • Automation tools like risk identifier, analytics, labels, automate repeated work, and auto-add emails to project or workspace. 

The price range for using Hive is free for individuals and for a small team of up to two members. It is $12 per user per month for more users and it provides unlimited storage in this package. 


ClickUp is one of the best alternatives to in this list because it is extremely easy to use and the fact that it is a cloud-based collaboration tool that is suitable for any size business and the industry or even individuals. The best part about ClickUp is that the free version is as powerful as the paid version. The features might differ but the robustness is the same.

Let us have a glance through its features:

  • Drag-and-drop option
  • Automation for recurring tasks
  • Client portal
  • Kanban boards and Gantt charts
  • Customizable template
  • Portfolio management
  • Time tracking and other collaboration tools

The price range for using this tool is $5-$19 per user per month when paid anually. The larger your team is, the higher the price for using ClickUp will be.


Teamwork is yet another valuable alternative to and is a cloud-based project management tool. They themselves claim that this tool is for everyone, from a founder to account director and project manager so that you can concentrate on getting your job done instead of fretting about how to organize and manage so many projects at the same time. 

The features of Teamwork are:

  • Collaborate with your team through chats, files, notebooks
  • Track the projects and view the project through Gantt chart and kanban board view
  • Bring unlimited clients into your projects at no additional cost
  • Assign an owner to a project
  • Set milestones for projects
  • Tasklist templates
  • Create subtasks to tasks
  • Keep important files in one place
  • Create invoices for your clients quickly
  • Risk register
  • Get project updates and view task history
  • Integration tools like Teamwork Spaces, Teamwork Desk, Teamwork CRM, and Teamwork Chat.

The price range for using this tool is:

  • Free always for small teams of 5 members
  • $10 per user per month for a minimum of 3 users
  • $18 per user per month for a minimum of 5 users.

The features will vary according to the price package.


The main motive of Trello is teamwork. As they say “it’s more than work. It’s a way of working together”. Trello is such a platform where you can manage, organize, hold meetings and customize your workflow, all in one place. The interface is made in a way so that everyone finds it easy to use and gets their work done easily.


The features of Trello are:

  • Trello board that comprises of lists and cards where you can grow with task assignments, timelines, productivity metrics, calendars, and more
  • Trello cards for task management where you can check the due dates, find attachments, conversations, and more
  • No-code automation where you let Butler, the A.I. do the work so that you and your team can focus on content creation
  • Connect apps that you and your team use for work purposes. 

The price range for using this tool is from $5- $17.50 per user per month. The price will depend on the number of people in your team as well as the features you wish to use. 


When it comes to the best project management tools available on the internet, Asana falls on the top list. The most attractive feature of Asana is that it offers a real-time progress bar for the team members and project managers to see and set sub-goals within every goal. Want to know more about its feature? Given below is a list of features Asana provides:

  • Kanban boards and Gantt chart for project viewing
  • Create forms and manage requests
  • Integrate applications 
  • Set goals
  • Get progress reports
  • Check the workload of team members
  • Sync work in all your devices.

The price range for using this application is $10.99 per user per month to $24.99 per user per month. The features will vary in both of these price packages. 

Which one to go for? How to choose?

The table given below will help you to choose your preferred alternative in a better way. 

CategoryName of the application
Most affordable applicationTrello/ClickUp
Best application in terms of featuresTeamwork 
Best application for large businessesAsana
Best application overallTrello and ClickUp
Best application with unique featuresSmartSheet

By the end of this article, you must have chosen your preferred project management alternative application other than So which one did you go for? Let us know!