“Black Americans” is a popular term used for American citizens who have their roots in Africa. For years, they have contributed to the American economy despite suppression and not enough recognition of potential and talent. Furthermore, to identify businesses that are predominantly run by the community, the term “black-owned business” was derived. 

Black-owned business

The National Minority Supplier Development Council defines a black-owned business as a venture, 51% of which is owned, operated, and controlled by a Black American. If the business is publicly owned, at least 51% of the shares should be owned by black shareholders. Some successful Black-owned businesses include Johnson Publishing Company and Ebony magazine as well as beauty brands like Rihanna’s Fenty and Taliah Waajid’s eponymous hair care. These companies have inspired and motivated several Black Americans across the continent to step forward and make a mark. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Simultaneously, a large number of these Black-owned companies make use of affiliate marketing to increase and improve their business. Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy wherein a company compensates a third-party publisher to generate leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are called affiliates. Some examples of affiliate marketing are digital marketing, analytics, and cookies. These strategies work tremendously well with the increased role and importance of the internet in the 21st century. 

Marketing strategies for Black-owned businesses

Social Media

The world went digital and so did businesses. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok act as tools for the promotion of products and services of a variety of businesses. Social media can be used to bring people to the business’s website or to make them sign up with their email and contact details. But, when companies focus on expanding their internet presence, the quality of the content might go for a toss. Hence, only one platform can also change the game if the standard of the content is kept intact. 

Create targeted ads 

Various social media platforms and search engines like Google provide the opportunity to create ads that then show up on your intended audience’s timelines and feeds. The target audience can be chosen based on people who follow your brand, purchase-related items, or even according to age, location, and gender. This can help invest in advertising your product to people who are most likely to purchase it. 

Public Presence

Another way to promote the brand could be to establish direct contact with customers. Let them have a taste of the brand and its whereabouts before they jump into it. This can be achieved through podcasts, public speaking, blogs, and so on. 

Well-designed website

Now that you’ve attracted your audience to your website, it’s also important to ensure that the website is attention and time worthy. The website design and structure have to be given due significance and credit for the customer’s engagement with the brand. It should contain videos, images, and fonts that are inviting to the eye. Some aesthetically pleasing black-owned websites are Teflar, Pyer Moss, and Bevel

Affiliate Networks 

They refer to middlemen who connect publishers like bloggers and entrepreneurs to companies, who provide affiliate opportunities for their products and services. 


AfroBizWorld is the largest black-owned affiliate network and marketplace in the US. It attracts buyers who are willing to engage with black-owned businesses. Businesses just have to join the AfroBizWorld affiliate network to get access to millions of affiliates who can promote their products and services. 



You will be paid out only when the customers make a purchase. Moreover, the affiliate program monthly charges start at US$0.99/month for the Basic Plan and US$25.99/month for the Premium Plan.

Powerful seller tools

By making use of affiliates who are interested and invested in your venture, you are likely to attract sales from a warmed-up audience. This facilitates a good relationship with customers in the future. 

Low risks

Paying to affiliates rather than clicks ensures you promote your business in the lowest of risks as you do not have to buy leads. Instead, you build relationships with customers which can help invite more potential customers. 

How to be a part of the network?

Sign up

Simply, complete the affiliate program sign-up form to start your affiliate program. You will be assisted by an AfroBizWorld business advisor throughout the process. Then, upload pictures of your top 15 products. 

Track engagement

You are then required to give access to your website to AfroBizWorld developers, who will then track the clicks and purchases done on your site. Furthermore, an affiliate link will be downloaded to your website to motivate your customers and prospects to promote your services. 

Share the program link

Share the link provided to you with your shoppers to increase traction. The link will be shared with all people who have signed up to support black-owned businesses. All you need to do now is sit back and let the traction pour in!


Black-owned businesses receive low traction as well as recognition largely due to the marginalization of the community in the US and also, across the globe. As movements like Black Lives Matter emerge to significance, it provides a platform for black business owners to flourish. In addition to the already increasing head-turns, affiliation strategies as basic as the ones aforementioned can assist to draw a multitude of customers.