The majority of businesses today operate online, so having the right tools and software is essential to stay organized and in touch with your employees and customers. Today, the way teams and employees collaborate in businesses is an important issue, especially since most of them are shifting toward remote work or have already done so.

By investing in and incorporating collaboration tools in your business, you will be able to make your business flow more smoothly. In addition to allowing your team to manage tasks and share documents efficiently, it helps to lessen the communication barrier. 

In today’s market, there are already many collaboration tools and software. However, choosing the right one for your business is still crucial since you’d want to be able to make the most of all its features. A good example would be Atolia, an easy-to-use collaboration tool for remote teams.

What is Atolia?

Atolia is a French company that runs a project management software that helps employers and employees connect with each other. Similar to other management and collaboration software, Atolia offers an all-in-one workspace for remote teams. 

What Are The Features of Atolia?

Atolia doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking of collaboration and management software because there are other similar products on the market that are better known. However, do not overlook Atolia as it can provide similar quality in services and may even be a better choice than known products.

In Atolia, there are three main sections: the collaborative section, the organizational section, and the productivity section. Using these sections, Atolia gives its users complete control over their communication and productivity.

Here is a detailed description of Atolia’s main features:

Collaborative Section

This section allows users to communicate within the team easily. 

  • Instant Messaging – with a user-friendly interface, Atolia’s instant messaging allows users to converse and exchange documents privately and securely on the same platform. Similar to other collaboration tools, the platform can also easily invite external partners by providing invitation links. 
  • Video Conferencing- Atolia also provides seamless video and voice calls among its users. Presenters can also share their screens and use an interactive whiteboard with this feature. Additionally, the platform can support up to 100 participants per meeting, whether they are within your organization or not. 

Organizational Section

This section lets users optimize their work so that they can accomplish their goals.

  • Document sharing – this feature allows teams to freely share important documents within one secured platform. Furthermore, it comes with a drag-and-drop feature that allows for easier control of documents, and teams can easily sync their files with Google Drive and Dropbox as well.
  • Shared Calendars – a calendar that can easily track team tasks and deadlines. External users can use this calendar to keep track of important events within your organization. Moreover, users can export and import events to and from any other calendar app.

Productivity Section

This section allows teams to easily manage and keep track of important projects within the organization. 

  • Project Management – this feature allows seamless personalization and management of important tasks. The tool can also be used to filter out tasks for different team members and to inform them about existing and archived projects.

Why Choose Atolia?

Because there is a lot of competition in providing services through management software, Atolia is often overlooked as buyers usually prefer other, more well-established services. You should also keep in mind that the needs of your business and those of your team will also change during the duration of the services.

Finding alternatives and replacements will eventually be a part of managing a team through project management software. Atolia can be a great alternative to known software such as Slack and Microsoft Teams

By comparison, Atolia offers greater security and flexibility than these two software. To see what makes Atolia a great choice, let’s look at the following:

Benefits of Atolia

  • Centralized Servers – unlike other software that transfers data to different applications, Atolia stores all your data on a centralized server where you have complete control over it.
  • Easily Customizable – Atolia will adapt your interface to meet your goals and needs by changing it so that it can match your goals and needs.
  • User-friendly Interface – users can quickly deploy and navigate through Atolia’s interface. Everything is laid out neatly, so you can use it without having to worry about transferring between tabs and folders every time.
  • Security- Atolia has one of the best security features in management software services. All data is secured and duplicated on multiple servers in France. As well as Atolia’s physical office being highly secured, it holds numerous security certifications. 

Atolia’s Pricing

Choosing the right project management or collaboration software is crucial, and one of the first things that you must think about is the price, checking to see if it fits into the features and services it offers.

Atolia offers a 30-day free trial for interested customers, and registering does not require credit card information. Following the free trial, users can select among three packages and determine which best suits their needs. Among the three packages are:

Premium (11 EUR/user/month)

  • Perfect for startups and growing businesses
  • Video calls can accommodate up to 20 participants
  • 20GB of storage per user (Online editing document)
  • Webhooks and Zapier Integration
  • Unlimited guest access

Business (13 EUR/user/month)

  • For large businesses and teams with complex management
  • All premium features
  • Video calls can accommodate up to 50 participants
  • 100GB of storage per user (Online editing document)
  • Personalized domain name and graphics

Enterprise (Custom Pricing)

  • Ideal for large corporations and teams who need complex integrations
  • All business features
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Personal Atolia consultant

*Atolia offers a 20% discount if packages are availed on an annual basis

Final Thoughts

The features that Atolia provides to its users clearly demonstrate that it can compete with other well-established project management and collaboration software on the market. With its competitive pricing structure and quality service, Atolia offers security and flexibility at a competitive price. Atolia also provides excellent customer service along with being recognized by many large companies and institutions.