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Importance of Business Analyst in Scrum Team

Role of Business Analyst in Scrum [ DETAILED GUIDE] 

Agile organizations have matured in the past era, and several industries counting the Software manufacturing business have implemented Agile in their association. Since companies began favouring the Agile work technique, numerous benefits regarding revenue, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, smooth product development procedure functioning, and amplifying…

Growth Hacking Tactics for Startup Marketing

6 Startup Growth Hack Ideas in 2022 

Marketing and expanding a startup can be difficult in today’s competitive environment. With the steady flood of new entrants, the marketing landscape is so tumultuous that it appears like a new startup is created every few minutes. It’s critical to find growth hacking tactics that…

best crypto trading platform
Make Money

5 Best Crypto Trading Platform in 2022 

The notion of cryptocurrency reaching any value type or implication in the conventional market or amongst global administrations is worth laughing at. However, recently, particularly because of Covid-19, world markets have begun to distinguish potentials in digital exchange, which was beforehand observed as moreover fringe…


Webex vs Zoom: Find out the Differences 

Companies can now have high-quality virtual meetings and presentations more easily than ever before thanks to sophisticated video conferencing technologies. Because today’s strong, efficient, and trustworthy tools allow you to meet instantaneously anyplace, location no longer matters. Zoom and Webex are two of the most…