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5 ideas for Instagram growth hacking 

Growth hacking may sound like a trendy marketing buzzword, but its underlying ideas are rather simple. To put it briefly, Instagram growth hacking is all about trying and testing various strategies to increase your following base and engagement by manipulating the Instagram algorithm. The definition…


How to convert text to SmartArt in PowerPoint 

MS PowerPoint: What is it? A capable application for creating slideshows is Microsoft PowerPoint. It comes packaged with Word, Excel, and other office productivity tools as a basic part of the company’s Microsoft Office software suite. Slides are used in the programme to provide multimedia-rich…


How to start an onlyfans without followers 

Onlyfans: What is it? After sex workers started utilizing OnlyFans during the COVID lockdowns of spring and summer 2020, the website gained widespread notice. Since then, the subscription-based platform has grown into a separate universe where artists, performers, sex workers, and others may profit from…


How to do A/B test with Mailchimp 

Marketers first began to grasp how this kind of testing could assist them in comprehending the effect of their advertisements in the 1960s. For example, would a radio or television ad generate more business? For direct marketing, are letters or postcards preferable? A/B testing got…


How to build a high-ticket coaching funnel 

High Ticket Coaching Funnel: What is it? A set of actions known as “high ticket coaching funnels” guides potential customers into purchasing expensive coaching packages. Smaller services like ebooks, one-time sessions, or seminars would not fall under this. To build a high-ticket coaching funnel, you…