In recent years, link building has been pushed to the center of the SEO dialogue, and the task proves itself complex and tiring for professionals. While different tools have made discovering and building high-quality backlinks easier, their easy availability has turned search engines into a battlefield. To triumph over your competition and land on the first page of search engine results, it’s worth it to build good quality backlinks.

SEO pros know that link building offers great returns that range from authority and better rankings for content. This article delves deeper into backlinking for websites, looking at the rules for 2022 and beyond. The rules for backlinking presented show that to emerge on top, you have to consider strategies that maximize your potential on all fronts.

1. Reclaim Lost Links

Ever tried to follow a link only to be met by the oblivious ‘Error 404’ notice? This is a lost link, one that indicates that a link to a site is broken or the page is no longer existent. When backlinks are broken and lead back to your website, you might lose credibility to visitors and search engines.

To reclaim lost links, start by using a brand monitoring tool to get a list of these broken links. Some options include the Ahrefs tool site explorer, which has the ‘Broken backlinks’ report.

Another tool is Google Chrome’s ‘Check My Links’ extension that checks your webpage for instances of broken links. After identifying the links, contact administrators to re-establish the broken connections. For 2022, take charge by building high-quality backlinks to ensure that your web pages keep up with the movement and changes to your content.

2. Create Infographics

On the SEO landscape, no content is as valuable as visual data, making it easier for users to consume information. To attract visitor

s and other creators, develop quality infographics that they can adopt and link back to your site. Some of the most popular infographics include diagrams, images, charts, quizzes, maps, tools, and widgets.

Utilizing the power of infographics is a great strategy for 2022, especially since high authority websites utilize them often. A website like the New York Times or the BBC can utilize a chart or diagram to report on a meaningful event within a short news cycle. Since these websites benefit from timely publishing, having a niche-specific infographic ready can attract them to your site. The best thing is that when they share it, you won’t have to reach out to them.

If you need to go the extra mile, you can also make your infographic popular by sharing it on social media or sending it out to bloggers and editors. This strategy also applies when you have an embed code since those that receive it get more opportunities to create high-quality backlinks.

3. Leverage Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to create backlinks tied to content marketing efforts. While SEO professionals might be reserved about using this method, it can boost your credibility and visibility since it requires time and effort investments. But take care not to fall victim to websites that farm links since they might be interpreted as spam.

The best approach for leveraging guest blogging is to:

  • Identify websites in your niche
  • Prepare a post that appeals to the website’s audience
  • Send pitches for your blog consideration
  • Follow up when you don’t get responses

Tapping into guest blogging requires a keen consideration of the demands of various websites, a strategy central to building partnerships. Once a high-quality website accepts you, the performance of your content can even invite more blogging opportunities. Of course, if the website editors understand your value (number of readers), they are more likely to jump on board.

4. Create Share-Worthy Content

If you search any topic on your search engine, chances are you’ll get similar topics and sub-headings in all articles. SEO pros have relied on strategies like keywords to rank highly, with many small websites performing at par with authority sites in their niches. But to cut through the clutter, you need to go beyond simple content to create high-quality, shareable content.

When developing your content, don’t just copy everything your competitors are doing—multiply the substance ten times over. When its images include eye-catching examples, add some infographics and quizzes to encourage interaction. With the evolution of search engines, crawlers are always searching for new and updated content, and if your content is the most recent, you rank higher. When visitors and creators recognize your status, they are more likely to share and backlink your site.

By improving your content and promotion strategies, you transform your status as a website. With time, sites that rank highly are those with the most backlinks, a position earned by share-worthy content that everyone is looking for.

5. Recycle the Most Successful Content

Content published within a website attracts different levels of attention, and when this happens, they single out the best performers. Blog articles with double-digit visits per day indicate that the topics are popular among readers. To tap into the popularity of these blogs, make an effort to repurpose them to earn more traffic and backlinks.

Reproducing content is a common tactic for websites that create new drafts that split the original article into small parts. Through new titles, infographics, and repurposing to appeal to different audiences, websites create more opportunities for backlinks. You can save time and money by recycling content since visitors will find your site through more organic means. This strategy has been found impactful in driving conversions and boosting marketing initiatives.

6. Publish Listicles

Modern readers love digesting content in a flash, and nothing is more appealing than well-curated lists. Short lists of 10-20 items make any topic better to read, and their widespread popularity proves that they work. To attract high-quality do-follow backlinks, develop listicles with information users won’t get anywhere else and dub them the ‘Ultimate Guide.’

To write backlinks that attract traffic, start by choosing a topic based on experience or SEO keywords. When you select a topic displaying your experience (no one else can compare), you create a perspective that readers might find intriguing. Using keywords is another sure way to avoid gambling and, instead, get topics with the most traffic in your market.

A well-crafted listicle is irresistible when the format matches target needs and expectations. Whether it’s your typical “Top 10” or “Best Ways,” it’s easy to get readers engaged. With more readers and creators looking for content they can consume quickly and share even faster, listicles provide the best opportunities for backlink creation.

7. Gather Statistics

Running a website costs a lot, and updating content requires tons of research and statistics for owners and administrators. To get quality backlinks that lead people to your site, use research and data to gather statistics of interest. Take care to remain relevant to your niche, as statistics can ensure that journalists, bloggers, and users flock to your site.

If you don’t have the workforce to conduct the research, you can benefit from expert reviews. Seek quality secondary sources that can create connections between content that your readers will find useful. When others cite and use your data, you benefit from free backlinks that improve your listing. Search engines and users will recognize your value as an expert when your statistical content is valid.

8. Other Useful Strategies for Building Backlinks

Our article presents various approaches to building backlinks for 2022, but the list is far from complete. Other popular strategies that websites should consider in 2022 include:

  • The LIS Technique – ‘Length implies strength’ approach calls for creating long-form (3000 words) content. These articles usually get more backlinks compared to shorter ones.
  • The Phantom Technique – Also known as tiered link building 2.0, calls for improving existing link profiles’ strengths. The Phantom approach is practical when building more backlinks without notifying your competition.
  • The Oprah Technique – What if you could get interviewed and produce links simultaneously? This strategy provides an opportunity for a website or blogger to pitch themselves for an interview. The publicity and publications this attracts are opportunities for high-quality backlink generation.
  • Product Reviews – Bloggers and influencers are great at pushing items and recommendations to potential customers. While this approach is often costly (by sending free samples of your product), the investments can pay off by creating opportunities for backlinking. By acquiring product reviews, you guarantee that you benefit from the links to your website as customers seek to learn more.

To Sum Up

The listed strategies reveal that looking beyond your website is a safe way to ensure that you remain ahead of the pack in your industry. That being said, there’s no need to rush and implement every style since website strengths vary. Before any action, start by examining your website strengths and performance to determine an approach that’s most creative and beneficial for you.

A takeaway fact is that quality is vital to succeeding in 2022 and beyond, unlike the past, where quality only mattered. When developing content, consider link-building strategies and innovative, consistent, and sustainable methods.