Have you ever thought of generating income through ad impressions and questionnaire completion?

Are you afraid of all these con artists? There are tens of hundreds of websites that offer online employment opportunities.

Unfortunately, 80% of these sites are phony and deceptive. So, how would you figure out which one is genuine?

best ptc websites

That is why we are producing this piece today to inform you of the most reliable and genuine sites that compensate you to complete questionnaires or click advertisements. These are the best PTC websites in 2022.

We will review a few of the best reputable and highest-earning PTC (pay to click) websites without any commitment. All you have to do is go to these websites and enroll. So, without giving it much thought, let’s learn about some of the best well-known PTC websites for increasing your revenue.

1. ySense

ySense is the most famous and well-known money-making website. Huge numbers of people have been utilizing this service for many years and have made a solid living from it. You simply need to create an account on this website and begin profiting.

You must also make an identity by merely filling out a signup page and then verifying your registration by hitting the confirmation button in your mail. To join this website, you must also have an email address.

ysense-best ptc websites

Afterward, when, you may easily access your account dashboard by logging in. Numerous activities, such as survey responses, ad hits, referrals, and so on, can be found here. You only need to choose a task and begin working on it.

Nevertheless, you will have to fill out another application to be considered for survey work, as they will assign you questionnaires based on your geolocation. There are a few nations where this survey employment is not feasible, but many nations are.

Taking Clixsense offers is another interesting and simple way to make money on the site. A feature called OFFERS can be seen on your homepage. You can get various deals and methods to earn money by tapping on them. You can, for instance, watch videos, play games, and enroll on websites.

On their site, this is the simplest way to make money. You may have fun while earning money by playing games or viewing films. Because each work has a variable payment, you won’t be able to acquire an exact value every time, but they’re nonetheless attractive.

Another option to get money on this site is introducing others to it. They will pay you roughly 20% for each individual who joins their site through your referral link. When your referred buddy makes their first $5, you will receive a $2 incentive.

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Another good website for completing chores and earning money is Neobux. It is the PTC market’s second-oldest website. They have been compensating individuals for the past ten years and have earned the public’s confidence. You can enroll on this site without hesitation, and you can operate here without making any investments or paying any registration costs.

You can also find a variety of career opportunities here. The most well-known is the advertisement click. It’s the greatest method because you don’t have to make any effort, and you have to click on the ad and then close the window.

neobux-best ptc websites

They will compensate you for each ad that you click and open. However, their rewards range from $0.001 to $0.01, and while this is not a large sum of money, you must consistently work for a certain number of hours in order to make a basic amount that you can deposit into your bank account. This is indeed one of the best PTC websites in 2022

3. InboxDollar

The quickest money-making device is InboxDollar. Technically, it’s not a money-making device, but you can make some money by operating here for a few mins.

It works similarly to other pay-to-click sites. Suppose you have a lot of idle time and little to do. Then you can earn some cash on this website, which is a part of the best PTC websites in 2022.


This website contains unique characteristics, such as increased payment methods for residents of the United States and the United Kingdom. There are numerous stories of people making over $100 per month by working just 10 minutes per day.

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4. Scarlet-Clicks

Scarlet-clicks is a completely legitimate website where you may earn cash by engaging in advertisements. You simply have to click on ads to earn up to $0.01 each click, and you may also start earning 100% on referrals.


Accepting promotions is another way to make money here, and it resembles other sites in various ways. After generating at least $2, you can quickly receive your payout. Here, you can deposit funds into your Skrill, Neteller, or Perfect Money accounts. You can also use your cash to buy bitcoins here.

5. Ojooo

Wad.Ojooo.com is a website where you may generate money quickly. It’s also a tried-and-true website that’s been there for a long time. By watching advertisements, you can earn serious cash and earn up to $0.02 every click on this site.

You can also get money by viewing Ojooo Videos, completing easy activities, or creating offers on your own offer wall. There are various simple ways to generate cash here which is why it is among the best PTC websites in 2022. They also provide you with a referral scheme. You can make money by referring others and earning from their clicks.


Luckily, they have a plethora of money-making opportunities. To receive infinite traffic, you can place adverts on your own page, and they also give you an additional amount of money.

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Many PTC services might indeed help you earn money online. However, you should be aware that many services only pay a small sum for doing a single work.

So don’t plan on working on these websites full-time. However, for students and college males, it’s a good method to supplement their income. Therefore, you can make use of the best PTC websites in 2022.

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