One of the most difficult aspects of running a website is search engine optimization (SEO). With billions of websites available on the web, it is getting difficult to create unique content that is also SEO optimized. Everyone does not have the time to learn how the search engine and its ranking system work. This is where content optimization tools come to your rescue. 

Content optimization tools help you optimize your content and helps you generate leads for your business. If you are looking for the best tools that will help you pull out keywords from content, you came to the right place. Continue reading to find out more! 

Here are the Top 5 tools for pulling keywords out of any content

Surfer SEO

Surfer is a tool for optimizing the written content, such as blog posts and articles, for search engines. Surfer works by comparing a page’s content to “500+ on-page” signals. Surfer assists you in improving your on-page SEO.  


  • Content Editor 

One of the best features of Surfer SEO is the Content Editor. You may quickly write SEO-friendly content with the help of this. On the content editor, you will find the writing guidelines such as which secondary keywords to use, recommended headings, content score, and word limit. 

  • Content Planner 

 The Surfer SEO content planner assists you in writing more successful content. You can create a cluster of keywords using Content Planner, which can then be used for content development. 

  • Keyword Research 

Surfer has all of the information you will need to conduct keyword research. You can immediately conduct keyword research and view a large amount of information. Surfer SEO allows you to locate keywords that are similar in SERP and have a high search volume.

Pricing and Plans  

Surfer offers three plans: 

  • Basic Plan, which costs $59 per month if billed monthly and $49 per month if billed annually. The pricing is according to 10 content creators per month.
  • Pro Plan, which costs $119 per month if billed monthly and $99 per month if billed annually. The pricing is according to 30 content creators per month.
  • Business Plan, which costs $239 per month if billed monthly and $199 per month if billed annually. The pricing is according to 70 content creators per month.


Clearscope is a content optimization and keyword research tool created to assist content marketers and creators in creating content that is more search engine friendly. 

The tool looks for important LSI keywords closely related to your target keyword in your article. Clearcope also assigns you a letter grade based on how effectively your material is optimized for search engines. 


  • Content Optimization

With Clearscope, you can simply plug your content into it, and it will generate a fully tailored report that will show you your content’s ranking and provide you with advice on how to enhance it. 

  • Keyphrase Research 

All you need is a term to target. Simply search that word in Clearscope, and it will provide a list of popular phrases and topics for that particular word.

  • Easy-To-Use Interface 

Clearscope also gives you the ability to produce and optimize your work from there, eliminating the need to copy and paste from several sources. 

Clearscope is a remarkable platform that is both straightforward and simple to use.  It is simple to navigate through all of the data.

Pricing and Plans  

Clearscope offers two pricing plans: Essential Plan, which costs $170 per month for 3 users, and Professional Plan, which costs $350 per month for 10 users.


Marketmuse is a content marketing and keyword planning tool powered by artificial intelligence. Marketmuse leverages AI to make it simple to research, develop, and create great content. It provides customized difficulty scores depending on your existing content, allowing you to see which keywords you’re most likely to rank.    



Inventory includes: 

  • Pages contain information and provide insight into your present site and how you can improve the content.
  • Plans that are used for outlining and planning content.
  • Reports for your content that allow you to filter and sort data.


Application includes the following tools: 

  • Research – It reports to you about the frequency of keywords and secondary keywords.
  • Competition – It shows you the top-ranking sites for your chosen keyword.
  • Question – It shows you the question and queries related to your keywords.
  • Optimize – It shows you the content score of your content. 

Pricing and Plans

Marketmuse offers two plans: 

  • Standard Plan, which costs $149 per user per month (can add new members for $99 per month) and $1500 annually.
  • Premium Plan, which costs $999 per month for 25 team members.


Dashword is a content optimization and SEO tool that assists businesses with their content and organic traffic. It is a platform that helps you develop great content by providing you instant feedback and tips. 

Dashword will provide a report showing you exactly what you need to do to outrank your competitors who are already ranking for your keyword after you enter it. 


  • Content Research 

Dashword assesses the top Google results and uses natural language processing to extract the most relevant and essential terms for your topic. When you run a keyword report, you will get benchmarks and actionable data based on the top SERP results for your chosen keyword. This can save you a lot of time when it comes to research.  

  • Collaboration 

You can invite up to 5 team members to collaborate on your content strategy with Dashword’s paid subscription.

  • Real-Time Feedback

You get real-time feedback as soon as you start creating your material, which helps you improve it. The content is analyzed for LSI keywords, readability, and the length of the content is monitored as you type. 

Pricing and Plans

Dashword offers three plans: 

  • Hobby Plan, which costs $39 per month for 3 users.
  • Startup Plan, which costs $99 per month for 5 users.
  • Business Plan, which costs $249 per month for 10 users. 


Topic is for Content Marketers and Editors that create SEO content on a regular basis. With its content research and optimization tool, you can quickly prepare content briefs. Topic takes care of the time-consuming and tedious research so you can focus on making your content stand out.


  • Outline Generator

Topic can create a content outline for you. Enter a title and a brief description, and AI will generate an outline that you can use to develop your content. 

  • Keyword Research

By scanning the top search results, Topic will run a competitive analysis. It will produce a document with titles, questions to respond to, and subjects to cover. Topic’s outline generators can help you turn your research into a solid outline.   

Pricing and Plans

Topic has three plans available: 

  • Starter Plan, which costs $99 per month per user. 
  • Plus Plan, which costs $ 199 per month for 3 users.
  • Premium Plan, which costs $ 299 / month for 5 users.


With an increasing number of businesses putting their services online, using content optimization software is critical if you want to stay ahead of the competition. 

Because it takes a lot of time and effort to create unique content, it makes sense to go the extra mile and employ content optimization tools to cover all the areas. Which tool did you go for? Do you use one of these tools? Do not forget to share your experience with us!