Bloom is an app intended to take the role of a therapist. It depends on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, sometimes known as CBT. Bloom teaches you how to handle mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It’s not free; you’ll need to subscribe, but you can test it out for free. Here is Bloom app review for you.

How Can Bloom Assist?

Bloom has several tools within the app that might help you improve your mental health. It’s simply an app that educates you on how to improve your mental health and assists you in developing healthy behaviors. It also teaches you skills that you may apply in your everyday life.

The first stage in CBT is to label your feelings. The daily check-in is the first feature. Rate how your mood is on a scale of one to five. This isn’t just to gather statistics but to describe your emotions.

bloom app review

Bloom also has a section on daily habits, including healthy activities to boost mental health. These habits contain a daily inspiring quotation, daily gratitude practice, and a spot where you may add your own.

You can incorporate routines such as a daily mantra, breathing exercises, or a daily feel-good challenge. You may add a total of ten habits. Logging in and carrying out these behaviors regularly will help you improve your mental health one step at a time.

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Bloom Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

While the habit tracker and sentiments chart are helpful, the prominent feature of Bloom is its courses. These classes teach about CBT and mental disease, and you only need to watch a video and follow along. You can learn techniques that you may practice in real-time.

The film will explain why you’re feeling the way you are and provide you insight into your mental condition. The movie will then pause, allowing you to practice beneficial skills. Most courses will complete in about 20 minutes.

bloom cbt

You may put those abilities to use in a real-world setting following the video. For example, in panic relief, you will learn how to use deep breathing to Youhen. If you encounter one in real life, you may also practice this technique.

You will naturally practice these strategies when unpleasant feelings arise as time passes. It’s similar to developing a new habit.

One doesn’t have to be concerned if this seems a little tricky. Bloom provides a beginner’s course, which is a terrific way to get started. This lesson teaches the science of CBT as well as why Bloom works.

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What Is the Cost of a Bloom Subscription?

A monthly subscription to Bloom costs $14.49 at the time of writing. A yearlong Bloom subscription costs $87, which comes out to about $7.25 per month.

Bloom provides new customers with a reduced monthly rate. The first month is $7.49, and you can sign up for a year for $43.99. This equates to around $3.66 each month.

Bloom’s Advantages

  • Simple to Use. Signing up for Bloom and getting started was so simple that nearly anyone could do it. Nothing is worse than being caught up in a time-consuming sign-up procedure while you’re trying to unwind. 
  • It’s Accommodating. The mix of the simple sign-up procedure, gentle pink and purple color palette, and quiet, ambient noises follow your every step and create an immensely relaxing experience.
  • Excellent Sleep Meditation. Sleep is a critical component of overall wellness. Bloom devoting an entire tab to boosting your sleep was incredible.
  • Excellent Value. Bloom subscriptions may start a $7.25 per month. And given the amount of value you receive, this is an incredible steal.

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Bloom Limitations

  • Of course, the app’s primary disadvantage is its price. It’s not inexpensive. People may find the subscription cost a bit on the higher side. Spending more than £10 per month on an app may seem excessive, and it may be. However, if one can get into the habit of utilizing Bloom on a daily basis, it will seem well worth your money.

Is Bloom Really Worth It?

According to the Bloom app review, Bloom is now a membership-based app, with a one-year subscription costing $59.95 or $14.50 per month. Many people wonder if it’s worth it at this price. While Bloom may appear costly, it is crucial to consider that professional counseling may cost up to $100 per week.

This expense can decrease considerably with Bloom, and you may enhance your mental health from the comfort of your own home. While it cannot completely replace a therapist, as advertised, it is beneficial and offers a lot of value for the price.

If you’re still interested in Bloom and want to see if it’s appropriate for you, take advantage of the seven-day free trial. This is more than enough time to use the software regularly and assess if you are benefiting from it.

Alternatives to Bloom App

Following are some alternatives for the Bloom app-

1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a mental health management app. Keep a notebook, document your routines and feelings, and utilize the unique grading system to connect everything.


You will then receive accurate statistics on your mental health that you may use to aid in your recovery.

2. Breathe

Breathe isn’t a meditation app, despite its name and image. On the other hand, Breathe is an app that assists you in controlling your emotions through breathing. Breath, based on scientific exercises, provides a wide range of breathing patterns to help you modify your physical and emotional condition. Select your preferred breathing pattern and follow the on-screen animations.


You may pick from a number of patterns, such as 478 breathing for sleep, equal breathing for vitality, and box breathing for panic attacks and anxiety.

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3. Mental Health Boot Camp 

Mental Health Boot Camp is an online health tool for people of all ages.

mental health boot camp

The Boot Camp’s demanding and varied curriculum is hand-crafted by a top-tier team of mental health specialists to increase your awareness, self-control, and well-being.

4. TheraNest

Create invoices and take payments—reminders for insurance reauthorization.


TheraNest comes with an easy-to-use calendar that offers group, multi-staff, and recurring appointments. Cancellations and no-shows are reduced by voice, text messages, and email reminders.

5. is the best method to live a fitter and healthier life every day, AT HOME.

This app provides a comprehensive range of at-home live and on-demand video exercise sessions for physical and emotional wellness.


According to the above Bloom app review, it is cost-effective to boost your mental wellness. Bloom, which uses science-backed exercises, maybe a terrific addition to treatment or even a replacement for therapy if you can’t afford it right now.

With multiple courses available, you’re likely to discover one that addresses your scenario. This Bloom app review was about how Bloom can make enhancing one’s mental health simple by incorporating skills into your daily life. While improving your mental health may appear complicated, the Bloom app does the right job to make it easier.

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