If you have an interest in art, even more in collecting art pieces, convelio is the one-stop solution for your art cravings. 

Convelio, founded in 2017, is an innovative logistics network located in Paris, France, that excels in international transportation of quasi, high-value items. Clients of Convelio range from art galleries, auction houses, sculpture owners. And digital sites to design professionals and art collectors, with the first section focusing on the art market.

 Convelio, which has offices in Paris, London, and New York, has grown to more than 200 employees in 2021. The enterprise has about 2,700 consumers in over 80 countries worldwide and boosted its annual turnover by 2.5 percent last year. 

Convelio’s platform enables an Amazon-like user experience for the international shipment of specialist goods that require many suppliers. Finally, it offers quick solutions, actual words, and a final service to its customers. 

Art and Design Shipment

With fixed-rate quotas over art and design shipping, Convelio offers a guaranteed fixed quota of up to 60 days with utmost feasibility and visibility. 

art and design shipment- convelio

It is so easy for its customers to use it from collecting, packing to delivery. 

Let’s understand how it works. Here is a step-by-step explanation of the procedure.

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1. Collection Stage

Its technicians acquire artworks from certain locations and skillfully handle them. It has a dedicated core management staff that ensures the safety of all artworks during the collection stage.

2. Packaging Stage

Items are refurbished with museum-quality materials and processes for transit purposes. It offers services for single shipments, exhibitions, both short and long-term storage.

3. Freight Methods

It serves a range of freight solutions, covering air, sea, and road transportation. 

convelio freight methods

Clients can choose:-

Air cargo for protected door-to-door shipment and fast service based on their requirements. (15-25 days)

Sea freight is a cost-effective choice for high-volume goods (30-40 days)

Road freight can be used for dedicated vans and flexible consolidation options. (10-12 days)

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4. Insurance

They handle the full claims procedure as part of their insurance package to guarantee beneficial outcomes for their clients. Valorem policy pays for all forms of transport (air, sea, and road), ensuring that your product is safe regardless of the cargo option. Its insurance rates may determine by the item’s value, with a potential claim of the amount of €500.000.

5. Custom

 Passing items through a country’s customs authority is customs clearance. It’s an important aspect of the international shipping procedure because it grants documented approval to import or export a shipment. The team of convelio takes care of all the paperwork, from routine customs declarations to unusual processes, to ensure a smooth shipping experience.

6. Delivery

With a proper arrangement of tailor-made solutions, all the fine art is properly transported worldwide to its users. Further, it has different types of delivery services available for its customers like

convelio delivery

  • Curbside Delivery

It is a flexible, cost-effective, and safe transportation solution that ensures things arrive safely and help in the unpacking and installation process. It also offers professional delivery of your shipment to your door on a specific date.

  • White-Glove Delivery

White glove delivery offers superior service specializing in handling delicate and complex shipments. All the fragile pieces may handle with the utmost care by the technicians. Also, items may be gently removed from the delivery van and brought into the room of your choice with Convelio’s white-glove service.

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Convelio’s team utilizes Front to collaborate on client emails, from finance to advertising, technology, and even beyond. Convelio nowadays easily keeps track of new push notifications and current conversations, thanks to Front’s shared inboxes, filters, and tags. They tag messages automatically and assign them to the appropriate person or team for further action. In the first half of 2020, internet sales accounted for 37 percent of all transactions, up from just 10% in 2019.


Many of the reviews for Convelio have their customers asking for a repeat order which clearly states about their good delivery.

Thankfully, with the great amount of funding it has invested in its work, it has carefully utilized it to improve all of its workings. Its algorithm arranges a cluster of dependable partners so that its customers can book everything at once. The type of job and the pick-up and delivery locations all influence the choice of partners. Further, its technologies allow businesses to be far more efficient, detail-oriented, and cost-effective, passing on to their users.

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Convelio believed that a consolidated and unique option that couldn’t be found would be a strong addition to the market. Even in pandemic times, its business model worked. They even worked with a leading auction house business that was over 200 years old. They recognized the internet art market as having enormous potential. Because the audience is younger and more tech-savvy, they anticipate a particular level of online shopping experience. By seeing an opportunity to provide an API (Application Programming Interface) that will allow any art gallery, auction house, or online platform to display shipping charges throughout the checkout process. Moreover, its model itself states,” something which could not be found, should be created.”

Overall, it has a very user-friendly experience for its customers.

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