When converting visitors into consumers, your website’s branding strategy is critical. There should be no tiny details missed. This includes the necessity to produce favicon icons, which may be done with the help of a free favicon generator. In this article, we will be discussing about free logo generator.

Favicons are small graphic icons that appear in the tab of a browser window next to a website’s title.

You’ll need at least a few distinct sizes that can be stored in a favicon ICO file because they can also be used as desktop program icons. In most cases, a PNG file can also serve as a favicon icon. Continue reading because we will see seven free logo generator online tools that will help you in your brand recognition and user experience.

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What Is A favicon?

A favicon is a miniature graphic showing at the top of most web browsers. The image is saved in a file called “favicon.ico” in a website’s root directory. This assists internet browsers in determining which image to display next to the website’s name.

Source: Code Like A Girl

Favicons are important since people are always searching for information across several websites in tabs simultaneously. Favicons assist users in quickly identifying content and the brand, resulting in a more appealing user experience.

Because of its small size, a favicon works best as a customized primary image to suit your website’s layout.

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Best Free Logo Generators

Some free logo generators are


  • It is a quick, easy-to-use, and free logo generator. It allows you to make icons from text, photos, or emojis and use them on any browser or device.
  • This favicon generator is quite simple to use. Drag and drop your image into a converter box to obtain your newly-transformed favicon in the most recent forms.
Source: favicon
  • If your website lacks a logo, you’ve come to the perfect place. Favicon.io also allows you to select from over 800 font options from Google Fonts, as well as a background colour and shape. For example, You can choose a square, circle, or rounded background.

Website: Favicon.io

Real Favicon Generator

  • The Real Favicon Generator allows you to design a personalized icon quickly. Your favicon will look great in any browser and on all platforms and devices.
  • Upload your image as a.svg,.jpg, or.png, and the generator will provide you with an instant preview of your findings. For example, it will show you how your new icon will appear on Android, iOS, and all main browsers.
real favicon generator
Source: gtwang
  • Real Favicon Generator will also recommend the best file proportions based on your select device. This is a significant feature because each device may have distinct favicon needs.

Website: Real Favicon Generator

Favicon. cc

  • With this free favicon generator, you can either upload an image to generate a favicon or design your favicon icon with a mouse.
  • You can also change the colours of your clicks, so you don’t have to worry about having specific colours right away. The application presents the most recent and well-rated favicons generated by other users, which may serve as inspiration for you.
favicon. cc
Source: favicon. cc
  • There’s also the possibility to make animated favicon icons. There are other options for looping the animation, tweaking and deleting frames.
  • This favicon generator also has a preview option, which allows you to see how your favicon will look once it’s finished.

Website: Favicon. cc

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  • Antifavicon differs from the other programs on this list in that it does not produce favicons using images. Instead, it generates high-quality icons for website owners using text-based input.
  • There are two text boxes on the tool’s web page where you can enter any numbers or letters you like in your favicon. You may also use the colour picker to change the colour of the text and the background of the favicon.
Source: antifavicon
  • Although the editing tools are somewhat restricted, Antifavicon is a fantastic option for folks who need a quick, simple icon but lack the time, funding, or ability to create one.

Website: Antifavicon.com


  • Favicomatic is another simple tool for creating a favicon from a picture or logo.
  • All you have to do is upload a file with a minimum size of 32×32 px. You can also select a standard favicon or generate all the required sizes for popular platforms like iOS, Android, Metro, and others.
Source: favicomatic
  • One can create transparent icons in .ico and.png formats. You can access advanced settings if you want more control over the backdrop colour, size presets, and other parameters.

Website: Favic-o-Matic


  • This free favicon generator is unique such that when you upload an image, you can choose to crop it to make it a favicon.
  • There’s also a preview pane so you can see what your new favicon icon will look like in a user’s browser.
Source: genfavicon
  • You can choose from the following sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, and 128×128 pixels.

Website: Genfavicon


  • Another simple and quick alternative for a free logo generator is Faviconr.
Source: Web Hosting Secret Revealed
  • Upload a JPG, PNG, or GIF image and specify whether you want a translucent backdrop (you can only create transparent favicons if your source file is also a transparent PNG or GIF file). Click the button, save the file, and you’re all set to go.

Website: Faviconr

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A favicon is the icing on the cake of your site’s branding approach. A favicon icon may appear trivial at first, yet it aids in brand awareness and user experience. It makes your site appear more legitimate, and users will recognize it readily. 

Fortunately, you don’t need any creative abilities to create a favicon since you can do so rapidly online. These free favicon generators should suffice to generate your favicon icons for use on your website.

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