Growth hacking techniques have benefitted many small SaaS start-ups to grow into multi-billion-dollar companies. Through various experimentation and strategies, creative founders and start-ups have cracked the most efficient growth hacking techniques to magnify the SaaS Companies.

This article offers a deep insight into various efficient growth hacks to advance SaaS companies.

Before moving on, let’s understand the concept of SaaS companies.

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What is a SaaS company?

SaaS is a subscription-based technique of providing software and apps via the internet. It is a significant advancement over the traditional software strategy, which required users to manage, install, and upgrade software on local servers or PCs before the arrival of cloud computing. With SaaS, you can provide a server for a cloud instance, and your software or application will be ready to use in a matter of hours.

Source: Volumetree

Email clients such as Gmail, apps, tools such as MS Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, or your favorite music streaming services are all examples of SaaS.

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Some of the best growth hacks for the SaaS companies 

Viral Signup Processes

Unlike most SaaS companies that ask users to fill in regular information like name email address, you create a viral signup form requesting the users to share it among their friends and families in the form.

viral signup processes
Source: InnerTrends

Using this growth hacking technique, you can attract new users to your company.

Engage with Bloggers and Influencers

Bloggers and Influencers have a respectable number of followers. You can provide the bloggers writing content on topics similar to your industry with a free paid account in turn for a review on their blog.

Similarly, try to engage with influencers creating content in your industry and comment on their posts. Once they notice you, share your content with them and request them to either give a shout-out or promote your company.

engage with bloggers and influencers
Source: Potentash

By using such growth hacking techniques, bloggers and influencers can make your SaaS company go viral among their massive audience and attract new users to your company.

Easter Egg Marketing

Easter Egg Marketing is one of the most exciting growth hacking techniques. The fun, hidden secrets in video games, websites, and SaaS products are Easter eggs.

easter egg marketing
Source: Pixlr blog

Snapchat, for example, famously integrated hidden features and humor into its products. These fun little extras inspire people to talk about and share your products. Additionally, they assist you to stand out in an increasingly crowded sector by creating a sense of community around your brand. This is called Easter Egg Marketing.

Give Referrals

User referrals are an effective way to expand the user base. You can enhance your viral coefficient and venture into the exponential development of your company with the help of your referral process.

give referrals
Soucre: resource.workables
  1. Here are a few steps to advance your referral process –
  2. Make a direct request for recommendations.
  3. Existing users and new signups can both benefit from referral bonuses.
  4. Instruct your users on who they should invite (colleagues, their boss, etc.)
  5. After a positive user experience, request a referral.

Remove Landing Page Navigation

The design of the landing page drags the attention of your visitors on a single call-to-action, such as downloading a whitepaper or signing up for a free trial.

remove landing page navigation
Source: instapage

Unfortunately, every link in your navigation bar allows your user to leave your landing page. Because the number of navigation items visible on your About, Blog, and Contact pages can cause conversion barriers, it’s critical to keep the number of navigation components visible to a minimum. Consider leaving one link, though, to make it simple to return to the previous page – allowing visitors who aren’t ready for the landing page to hit Back rather than closing the browser tab.

 Bring down the bounce rate of your website

There are many growth hacking techniques to retain and stay connected with your customers. A lesser bounce rate is one of them. Use an exit-intent popup if some of your pages have a high bounce rate (a large number of users leaving the page right away).

bounce rate of your website
Source: Magezon

When your visitor clicks on the back button, pop up a message offering a free guide or resource. If it appeals to a large number of people, there’s a chance they’ll engage with it and provide you with their email addresses. Moreover, by using this growth hacking technique, you can easily retain more customers.

Boost Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to retain your users and keep them engaged. Let’s understand this with the example of a social networking tool, Buffer.

content marketing
Source: Asset Digital Communications

Buffer created fantastic software but did not just stop there. It made lots of useful, relevant, and valuable content for its users. The content included data, charts, graphs, studies, long posts, etc. Buffer was also well equipped with the proper use of social media, so it correctly used it to spread its message to a large audience.

This growth hacking technique helped Buffer keep its buzz going. 

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Short Free Trial Duration

Consider lowering the length of your free trial if it is more than 14 days. The short trial rule does not apply only if your program truly locks users in. Dropbox, for example.

free trial duration
Source: Price2Spy

It’s a lot of work to move all of your files to a new storage service, so Dropbox’s long free trial helps to lock customers in as much as possible.

Increase Activation Rates by Retargeting

You can promote webinars, eGuides, special offers, and reminders by creating retargeting ads that target users who have already started a free trial of your solution (X days left).

Source: Perfect Search Media

Additionally, these can inspire trial participants to get the most out of their trial, resulting in higher trial close rates.

Be Proactive with Problems

Solving customers’ problems is one of the essential growth hacks to delight your users. Issues arise in each developing firm. Servers go down, transactions are taken ahead of schedule, and new features are released with problems and errors. It’s critical to be proactive if a problem arises to help your consumers trust your company.

be proactive with problems
Source: businesscollective

Contact your customers directly whenever an issue appears instead of using a customer support number.

Inform them of what has occurred, how it will affect them. Additionally, inform them, what you are doing to resolve the situation. Problems will not be terrible for customer-business relationships in this way.

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Therefore the abovementioned growth hacking strategies will help your company attract new users. It will also retain them and create an excellent customer experience.

Now go ahead, and turn your freshly started SaaS company into a successful million-dollar company by using these hacking techniques!

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