Botty Dimanov was concentrating on his Ph.D. while he came up with the concept for Tenyks. He devised a patent-pending design that served as the cornerstone for Tenyks’ technologies. Dimanov enrolled in the Entrepreneurs First accelerator program while pursuing his Ph.D. in Artificial intelligence technology at the University of Cambridge. He ultimately joined Maleakhi Wijay and Dmitry Kazhdan, who’d been researching the operational consequences of Ai development as Masters’ and Ph.D. students at the University of Cambridge. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Each time innovation exceeds the limits of what is feasible; a category-defining item arises to pave the way for mainstream acceptance. Machines had graphical user interfaces, and search results were available on the web. Artificial intelligence will have collaborating interfaces that enable humans to program and engage with data, allowing machine learning to reach its maximum capabilities. 

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Working of Tenyks

The evolution of artificial intelligence is shifting from a model-centric to a data-centric paradigm. Tenyks has built a data-centric system built on months of studies at Cambridge University to enable machine learning experts to gain more detailed observations of data. Also, to verify the model’s dependability throughout many pertinent data sets, and eventually enhance the algorithm.

working of tenyks

Tenyks is a technology ecosystem that lowers the training curves associated with creating, interpreting, analyzing, and regulating artificial intelligence. It intends to guarantee that independent algorithm innovation occurs securely by assisting machine learning engineers in eliminating faults in the algorithms earlier than planned, thereby shielding the globe from the “AI terminator.”

Tenyks’ findings assist engineers in shortening their development process, allowing them to invest less time enrolling new customers, save client acquisition expenses, and improve AI reliability.

Benefit of Tenyks

In one instance, a machine intelligence engineer utilized Tenyks to find the main reasons for 80% of their algorithm’s errors, Dimanov stated. Due to the significantly increased system efficiency, they were able to provide better quality outcomes to their clients as a result of these discoveries.

As per the founders, the net benefit is significantly quicker prototyping. Also, which cuts down on the duration it requires engineers to figure out why a model is acting oddly.

The founders’ approach identifies edge situations and typical failure trends. It eliminates misleading connections, decreases unanticipated failures by 80%, and improves efficiency by 5%.

Engineers will be able to find damaged spots, detect and fix inaccurate tags. And detect challenging edge situations using the software, which will help them analyze, interpret, and curate datasets.

benefits of tenyks

Tenyks has a reputation for setting insanely high objectives and sticking together to achieve them. They begin small, work hard, and achieve quick, welcoming the unavoidable setbacks with big arms since trials stoke our thirst for knowledge. Tenyksians don’t differentiate between working and leisure. They merely follow their goal of greatness. Leaving it up to everyone to determine whether they are at work or recreation.

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Aim of Tenyks

Tenyks’ aim is to take away the most time-consuming aspect of ML engineers’ jobs. Manually sorting through data to enhance the performance rates of their AI.

aim of tenyks

Engineers invest a great deal of time seeking to find out if the adjustment they introduced will increase the algorithms’ efficiency, according to Dimanov. And the premise that they have no additional insight prohibits them from developing a concrete plan for what to do afterward. MLOps tools are helpful in this situation.

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New Development of an MLOps System

Tenyks is developing an MLOps surveillance and verification system. It assists AI engineers in dealing with computer vision information to produce more dependable technology. Engineers can use the company to find out if their algorithms are broken. Additionally, it eliminates biases and fixes problems, and improves general model efficiency and data reliability.

development of an mlops system

Tenyks is an extremely simple and exciting choice to invest in because of the team’s ambition, expertise, and customs. It’s time to say goodbye to AI’s “black boxes” by offering clarity to their clients and developers.

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Costs Associated and Funding

Tenyks received $125,000 in a pre-seed financing from Y Combinator and non-equity financing from Creative Destruction Lab. The firm is already gaining traction after graduation from the YC’s summer 2021 program and is presently collaborating with five pilot clients.

The Cambridge University spin-off business raised $3.4 million to expand further its MLOps tools framework. This aids machine learning researchers in developing superior and more robust AI.

costs associated and funding

Tenyks plans to increase its computer engineering staff with the new funds, increasing the total number of employees to 12. They are now recruiting in Bulgaria as well.

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