Everyone watches videos on the Internet these days. Therefore, it makes sense to record your moments in real-time and edit them using programmes like Camtasia or, for example, iMovie on a Mac. When you edit these films, you must also export them in the format of your choice! You might wish to export iMovie to MP4 if you own a Mac. This is because MP4 is a worldwide format, but iMovie is only accessible on Mac systems. In this way, the videos you create may be readily played on any device and shared. When you wish to export the iMovie to MP4, you may make use of the fact that MP4 is supported by most (if not all) media players. You may confirm that Facebook, Twitter, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms support the video file.

Saving iMovie to MP4:

  • Activate the iMovie app. Launching the iMovie app on your computer is the first step in the procedure. You may accomplish this by using the Finder and then selecting Applications.
  • Obtain media. To add your video files to the iMovie interface, click Import Media. You may upload files in MOV, M4V, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and DV formats. To add your films to iMovie after selecting them, click Import Selected. Once you import the video, the app will now play it.
  • Examine your video. On the left, a thumbnail of the imported video will be visible. You may check it by just dragging the vertical line to play the complete video. On the right, you will see a preview.
  • Modify video. You can edit your films with iMovie as well. You have a few alternatives while utilising the platform to modify the videos. 
  • Save As MP4.  Save your video in the Mp4 format as the following step. Click the Export button to get started. This may be found in the interface’s upper right corner. Then, select Next. A preview of the next export file will be displayed. To proceed, click the Next button.
  • Create an MP4 file with a unique name. Next, give the video the file name you choose. Select a final destination folder next. Await the conclusion of the iMovie to MP4 export procedure.

How to Use QuickTime To Export iMovie To MP4:

So, in addition to using this platform, QuickTime may also be used to export iMovie to an MP4. The QuickTime software is designed to play media. There are therefore just a few customization options and parameters available when exporting movies.

  • Start iMovie. Opening iMovie should be your initial step. Although it might seem incorrect, this is really the first step.
  • Open the project. The next step is to open the iMovie software and load the project you wish to export.
  • Tap Share. Click the Share tab in iMovie after loading the project or the movie itself. This may be found in the Options menu. After that, select QuickTime for export from the menu.
  • Add your name and the destination. There will be a pop-up window. Its filename and final folder location must be entered.
  • Select MP4 as the output format after clicking Export in order to export iMovie to an MP4 file using QuickTime. Press Save to finish.

iMovie To MP4 Conversion For Windows:

You need a converter to export iMovie to MP4 on Windows. You may use completely free internet converters for this. There are restrictions on the maximum size of the movie you may convert, though. You may utilise online resources like CloudConvert, Zamzar, ConvertFiles, and Convertio, among others. The majority of these tools offer many converting possibilities. It can convert documents between different file formats in addition to allowing you to export iMovie to an MP4 file. These further offer conversions for several music and video file formats. You could be concerned about your security and privacy given that they are online. Typically, these websites guarantee that all submitted and converted materials will be removed in 24 hours. They protect the security of your data as a result.

  • Open a new browser tab. Launching your browser on a PC is the first step. Open Zamzar.com next.
  • Join files. Add the films you wish to convert from iMovie to MP4 after that. Drag and drop may be used for this. You may also enter the URL of the file you want to convert.
  • Conversion options editing. The conversion settings should then be edited. Make sure MP4 is the output file selection.
  • Click Convert Now after that.
  • As soon as the conversion is finished, click download. You’ve now successfully used Windows to convert an iMovie project to an MP4 file.