With the world turning digital, platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are growing in relevance. WhatsApp alone has about 2 billion users worldwide. These users constitute individuals as well as businesses. Moreover, WhatsApp has become an important medium of communication among various industries due to its rapid-contact feature. The client will not have to wait for responses as in the case of emails. It is convenient as it requires less effort and time. 

Another aspect to online-running businesses are digital business cards. Printed business cards are now being viewed as outdated and harmful to the environment. Instead, their digital colleagues are being perceived as tech forward and the next essential step in the corporate world. 

What is a Digital Business card?

 A digital business card or a virtual visiting card is an online version of a conventional business card, used to share personal information. They are often more economical than their paper counterparts and can be designed and shared with anyone. You can design a business card on Word or design it on other digital platforms.

Advantages of a Digital Business Card 


Digital business cards are accessible to those who have a smartphone – which accounts for the majority of the world. There is no need to carry piles of paper when all you have to do to make a contact is press “share”. This reduces the stress of ordering more paper cards or traveling with them. 

Easy to Edit

What if you change your job? What if you’re promoted to a new role? Digital business cards make it easier for you to edit and make the necessary changes. You can also create a business card in seconds, if you don’t already have one. Change the layout, font, template and so much more with just a few taps.


The creation of the customary business cards require the use of paper in heavy amounts. This is not seen as environment friendly in a world striving for a change. With more than half of the world already in an environmental crisis, you do not need to add to it. 

More Information

There are space limitations on paper business cards. Meanwhile, on a digital version of the same business card, there is plenty of room for endless quantities of information. 

Easier to respond to

On most occasions, when someone receives a business card they will either lose it or chuck it in the bin. A digital business card cancels out this scenario. It gets delivered directly into your inbox and shortens the process of getting back to a possible client. 

Now that we have brought together WhatsApp and business cards, let’s discuss how we can create business opportunities through the social media platform. 

WhatsApp for marketing 

The mere use of WhatsApp for marketing reduces the tension between a business and its customers. It gives off a more relaxed and homely vibe. Furthermore, WhatsApp can be given interesting directions for marketing purposes. For instance, When Absolut Vodka hosted a party for one of its limited editions, it offered only two invites to the general public. These invites could be won by convincing Swen, a virtual doorman. Over the next three days, the WhatsApp Bot interacted with 600 users and received around 1,000 images, videos and audio files. 

WhatsApp for sales 

To help you promote your services and products, WhatsApp Business app offers catalogs. This stands vital to small businesses which do not have a revenue model adequate to promote their work. 

Product demonstrations are another way businesses can promote themselves on WhatsApp. For example, To increase the usage of their mayonnaise, Hellman’s launched live cooking sessions on WhatsApp in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. In this session, customers were asked to send pictures of the contents of their fridge, which was then used by live chefs to provide tips and recommendations. 

In a similar fashion, WhatsApp could be used for customer service, recruiting, and so on. The potential in connecting with your probable customers and audience over WhatsApp is huge. And sharing your Digital Business Card over the platform can be extremely beneficial in building a connection with your audience and retaining them.

Digital efforts such as this are often seen as a step towards a more tech-savvy world. Additionally, social media platforms can be utilized for more than just personal conversations and interactions. They cover everything from seeking an opportunity, through sharing business cards, to expanding the same opportunity. Today, just a few clicks of the fingers could account for hours and hours worth of paperwork if only one decides to leverage this prospect.