.Marketing is critical for the blockchain industry’s growth and success. No matter what business you’re in, having a marketing plan is vital. When it comes to ICOs and cryptocurrency initiatives, having a cohesive and successful marketing plan is even more critical. Over the last two years, the market for crypto companies has exploded.

Thousands of crypto companies have sprouted up all over the place. If you have a crypto startup, you must achieve momentum in the face of so many rivals. Developing a digital marketing plan is a great place to start if you want to promote your brand. Ethereum is a great blockchain to work with, but it has lately become crowded due to high traffic and many people building on it.

By increasing Ethereum’s scalability, Layer 2 solutions alleviate this problem. One such solution is Polygon (FKA MATIC). It’s an Ethereum sidechain with cheaper gas prices and the same Ethereum security. 

Crypto Airdrop: What are they?

Airdrops are a type of marketing approach used by blockchain-based companies. For example, consider what would happen if a new cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance or WazirX, were to launch shortly. First, the platform develops its virtual currency to attract the most traction in the cryptocurrency market, such as WazirX Token and Binance Coin.

The platform then announces via its different internet channels that it will give out a certain quantity of that money to certain early members. Finally, it may ask users to enlist by registering with the site, sharing its updates on social media profiles, or performing similar actions.

What’s the deal with Polygon?

With the fast acceptance of Ethereum, the issue of scalability developed, and gas costs began to rise as more individuals competed for the limited amount of Ethereum block space available. Polygon, formerly known as the MATIC network, was built to provide a scalable Ethereum solution. It’s a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, like other PoS blockchains, except transactions are gathered and resolved on the Ethereum blockchain.

Polygon now has Ethereum’s interoperability, liquidity, and security. The primary chain of Polygon is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) sidechain. MATIC, the Polygon network’s native token, is used as a staking token to verify transactions and vote on network updates. MATIC is in use to pay for Polygon’s gas expenses.


Ways to integrate Polygon Token into your website:

  • Making Giveaways

You can create a Sign-up option on your website to provide a limited amount of money for the user in a Polygon token. Tokens can be earned by signing up on your site, encouraging many users to sign up. You can also create a contest for the customers where the final prize will be a handsome amount of Polygon Tokens for the winner. This will burst the reach of your website and help you in the business.  

  • Using tokens as a currency in your website

A medium of exchange uses a unique item to enable the exchange of other commodities and services within an economy. For example, money must be a medium of trade, a store of value, and a unit of account, among other things. Although money may be better or worse at these activities, they all fulfill the same three goals. Customers will be able to purchase any items from you in the form of Polygon Token if you utilize Polygon as a medium of exchange on your website. As more people get familiar with cryptocurrencies, this may lead to significant growth in your organization.

  • Availing Rewards

A cryptocurrency credit card operates similarly to other rewards credit cards, except that you’ll get bitcoin for every swipe instead of cashback or points. While we enjoy straightforward cashback benefits, these cards can help you diversify your crypto holdings more seamlessly. For example, Lolli, a Google Chrome plugin, gives you “Bitcoin Back when you shop with its retail partners.” It operates similarly to browser extensions such as Rakuten or Honey, which provide discounts and rebates when purchasing online through the portal or extension. Lolli, like previous schemes, pays you for spending conventional money when shopping online rather than for making crypto transactions. On your website, you may apply the same strategy for Polygon.

  • Adding an option for creating a Wallet on your website

Polygon has established itself as a premier platform for building scalable Ethereum applications and other decentralized infrastructures. The network continues to expand, with new project partners and innovative technologies added regularly. More than 300 decentralized apps have been created on the ecosystem so far, with more projects in the works.

Users may earn their Polygon token by spending more time on your website if you include a wallet option. This will assist in getting your website to the top of search engine results. A polygon is an excellent approach for making your dApps more scalable and robust. By combining the basic capabilities of Ethereum with the scaling benefits. 

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