We are living in an era where almost everything is content. Creators are becoming brands day by day, and they sell their merchandise and jewelry to their fans and earn massive revenue. However, there is one space still not explored by these creators- the food space. For creators, it is hard to get into this food business, and this is where PopChew comes to solve the problem. 

PopChew is a start-up founded by Rushir Parikh and Nick Sopchak to help creators launch their independent food products and brands. One can easily collaborate with them on social media to start their partnership. 

Now, you might be wondering about the process and insights about this collaboration. In this article, to make your job easier, we have explained How you can partner with PopChew on social media.

What is PopChew?

PopChew is a platform for global creators to launch their food brands. Their fast and efficient operations have opened the $40 Billion food delivery market to the creators.

In a recent study, it is evident that food is one of the most popular categories that people search on social media apps. PopChew uses this idea to create a space for creators to interact with the food. Many celebrities have also jumped into this multi-billion-dollar market and have made a brand out of their names. One such example is Travis Scott, who collaborated with McDonald’s to create “Travis Scott Meal.”

what is popchew

Recently, the company also got a $3.6m funding through seed funding, which will expand the network and operations of PopChew. It will help more and more creators to launch their brand through this platform.

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How to Partner with PopChew on Social Media?

The founders of PopChew created this unique start-up to help creators launch their food brand overnight. They have a network of independent food restaurants all over the country which manage and cater to any food specified by the creators. You can have different types of food with different flavors and creative approaches, and this creates a franchise for the creators that PopChew works with.

how to partner with popchew

Now, if you want to be one of the creators to partner with PopChew on social media, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  1. First, you need to visit their website.
  2. After that, you need to click on the creators’ option from the menu, and it will redirect you to a new page.
  3. Here, they will ask you to fill in your details like your name, the social media on which you want to partner, your email, and your social media handle name.
  4. After filling out all the details, you can click on the join waitlist icon. You will have to wait for a few days, after which they will contact you.

After joining PopChew as a creator, you will get to choose from different restaurants and the food items available. You can make your recipe according to your brand and promote it among your followers. Further, you can control your brand packaging and create your menu with a specialist kitchen chef. After opening your brand, you can announce your food through platforms like UberEATS, DoorDash, and more.

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How Many Followers Do You Need to Partner with PopChew?

PopChew has not specified any particular number regarding the followers. However, they have mentioned on their website that even with followers around 10K, you can open a brand with them. PopChew is open to creators across the different spectrum and is backed by leaders from various industries.

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The cost to Partner with PopChew

There is a zero-upfront cost for using PopChew initially. An agent from their team will explain the further cost and process.

What Things will be Handled by PopChew?

After creating your brand with PopChew, you don’t have to worry about handling the stuff, such as picking up new locations or packaging stuff. It handles most of the complex and challenging processes for you. Some of them are given below:

what things will be handled by popchew

  1. Training Staff
  2. Restaurant Onboarding
  3. Sourcing Ingredients
  4. Recipe Creation
  5. Loyalty Program
  6. Customer Feedback
  7. Packaging
  8. Marketing
  9. Quality Control

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How Will You Earn Money Through PopChew?

When you open your food brand through PopChew, you own your brand’s equity. All the profits that you make will transfer to you every month.

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PopChew is an excellent platform if you want to have a food brand and don’t have much time to handle the operational aspect. In this article, we have explained how you can partner with PopChew step by step. We have also highlighted some general queries and doubts that might come to your mind as a creator.