It’s no surprise that Shopify has made the process of starting an online store so much easier. Furthermore, advertising Shopify shops on Instagram allows e-commerce businesses to present their products in a more unique and dynamic way, as well as to reach a wider audience. So, you’re probably curious about how to market your Shopify account on Instagram.

Set up a Facebook page and start adding things to it. After that, you can work on the Instagram shopping functionality and create an Instagram business account. As soon as you’ve been given permission to activate Instagram shopping, you may start promoting your store using Instagram posts and stories.

Following just a few steps, on the other hand, is still not enough to get your Shopify store discovered on Instagram. You’ll also need to learn a few marketing strategies for the store. So, in this article, we’ll go over all of the procedures and strategies for promoting your Shopify store on Instagram, as well as some other useful information.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Instagram Account for Your Shopify Store?

Instagram users are significantly more active and engaged than those on Twitter or Facebook, making it an ideal platform for promoting your Shopify stores. In addition, Instagram stands out above other platforms since it provides a number of simple solutions for brands and businesses.

Although starting a business is straightforward, taking it to the next level and ensuring that it is competitive in today’s market is more complicated. Instagram allows businesses to reach a larger audience for free, especially if they understand how to use the hash tags, including promoted hash tags.

Furthermore, the “Buy now” option next to each post allows your Instagram followers to make a direct purchase. Because Instagram is more of an interactive and engaging platform, you can post pictures and videos of your products and ask your customers to leave reviews. It will inspire more individuals to purchase from your company.

Various statistics, on the other hand, show that Instagram is a good medium for promoting your store. Approximately 60% of all Instagram users utilise the network to look for and learn about new products. Furthermore, the platform has already aided approximately 25 million enterprises, with over 71 percent of American businesses using it to advertise and sell their products.

Instagram marketing also leads to direct sales on a Shopify store. It provides increased product marketing with real-time photos and videos, location tagging, hashtags, and customer comments and ratings. Not only that, but Instagram uses a variety of promotions and offers to strengthen client relationships and loyalty.

Regular Instagram postings, on the other hand, is a terrific technique to get people to buy more easily, especially for those who adore shopping but are too slow to look at everything. As a result, Instagram Marketing strategy is the most efficient way to reach a large number of people with little effort.

What is the best way to promote your Shopify store on Instagram?

After you have setup your page and created a mild content base on Instagram, you are all set to reach a wide range of audience. Here’s what you need to start rightaway with.

Organic Promotions

To initially grow your page and audience organically, you can use a variety of techniques to grow your base and reach. 

  • Follow your potential audience – Every business knows its competitors. Your target audience lies in your competitors’ followers list on Instagram. Yes, you read it right. What you need to do now is go to your competitors’ Instagram page and start following some of their followers to get in their field of attention. They will surely check out who followed them and who knows, they might be interested to buy one or more of your products. 
  • Tag Numerous Accounts – You can tag multiple accounts in your regular or special posts. This will help you connect with the pages or people that you might want to connect with. They might even share your posts with their audience if they really loved your concept.

Paid Promotions

Instagram allows businesses and creators to reach out to their desired set of audience with Instagram Paid Promotions. You can setup all the demographics including the age group you are targeting, the gender, interests, locations and others. 

Influencer Tie-ups

Influencers and Celebrities command the lion share of followers on Instagram. A plus one from an influencer is much more likely to give a very positive validation for a product, thus leading to exponential sales growth figures for brands involved in the deal. Major brands across the globe are now exploring and expanding their influencer tie-ups for their existing as well as new product launches.


If you are a business looking for a new way to promote your Shopify store, you should explore Instagram promotion. Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting products because it allows businesses to share high-quality images and videos of their products. Additionally, Instagram provides businesses with the ability to reach a large audience and that is the primary factor in their quest to ramp up the sales number.