To begin with employees are the most crucial asset of any organization. An employee’s good attendance record is one of the ways of measuring their commitment to their jobs and the companies they work at.

good attendance reward

It sets an example to the entire workforce to gain reward through this level of dedication to their work, and companies are willing to pay for the good deed with a cash bonus since this act inspires and helps raise the standards of the entire workforce.

Employees are integral constituents of any organization, and it is vital to keep them motivated. Here is the time-tested strategy synonymous with organizations to have their employees hooked.

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Rewards and Recognition

Rewards & Recognition drive employee engagement and job satisfaction, leading to higher productivity. This methodology proves more significant than a cash reward. 

As quoted in Forbes magazine, a Watson Wyatt Study of 3 million employees says, On three long year median, companies that utilized programs for employee recognition profited a 109% return to shareholders whereas only 52% return for the ones that hadn’t.

According to Gallup, 65 percent reported that they received no recognition over the year. The same report also pointed out that 89% of employers feel most employees quit their jobs to earn more money. But it wasn’t true when similarly, the workers cited lack of employee recognition as a primary reason to quit their jobs.

rewards and recognition

Praise and commendation from employers were rated the top motivator for performance, leaving behind other financial incentives, says another statistical study by McKinsey titled “Getting beyond Money” by 67% of workers.

For example, a well-deserved recognition from peers or bosses makes a memorable moment for the employee throughout their lifetime.

It could be made possible in different ways; one such way is by a commemorative plaque. Showing off the value of the employees they’ll admire for years to come.

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Rewards and Recognition Ideas

  1. Monthly newsletter with an employee success story, and good attendance reward, to provide Recognition and appreciation to motivate others to do the same.
  2. Cash Bonus with an appreciation certificate and a standing ovation as a good attendance reward.
  3. The pay hike and salary increase encourage employees to seek good attendance rewards.
  4. A Shout-Out, congratulatory announcements for the employees achieving a good attendance reward to boost morale amongst colleagues.
  5. The family invites for the annual R&R, allowing employees’ families to celebrate along with.
  6. Gifting employees tickets to events of their choice(between movies, music events, etc.) and a free paid day off for employees who achieve good attendance rewards.
  7. Personalized gifts, will be more on the personal end and leave a long-lasting memory. For example, photo frames,  mobile covers with their name engraved, posters on their desk, etc.
  8. Gift Cards, offering corporate gifting cards that employees can use on e-commerce platforms and supermarkets or even typical retail stores.rewards and recognition ideas
  9. Also, host a quality day sponsored by the company as a staycation period where the employee spends time with family and leisurely activities.
  10. Creating a virtual wall of fame, framing success stories from each achievement, increasing the value of social Recognition. 
  11. A simple act of writing a “Thank You” in sticky notes by hand can make the employee’s day.
  12. Monetary incentives, A study by the Incentive Research Foundation found an increase in performance by up to 44% when an incentive program is built to boost employees.
  13. Tailored rewards to suit employees’ liking, for example, gifting a cricket kit to a cricket enthusiast or a tripod for a photographer.
  14. A section can be separately added to the company’s website based on good attendance rewards, showcasing their achievements as a source of motivation.
  15.  A short film on an employee’s achievement can run on the office screens.

Award Tiles

Punctuality, which not everyone possesses, is a vital skill. The productivity as a whole of an organization also depends on the punctuality of its employees. Awarding titles to those employees who are always punctual and carry out their day-to-day duties on time would serve as a motivating factor.

award tiles

So why not add employee tiles to recognize the achievement of good attendance reward, subtle tiles of appreciation to keep the employees engaged at work and boost their motivation level since it often tends to fade away in the long run, leading to disengagement at work. A few examples, as stated below, could go as

  1. Mr./Ms. Consistent Award
  2. Never Missed a Beat Award
  3. Always Timely Award
  4. Happy Everyday Award
  5. Perfectly Present Award
  6. Dedicated Employee of the Quarter Award
  7. Aced Attendance Award
  8. No Missed Opportunities Award

Conveying what the employee has achieved. It would also serve as a subtle message to employees with poor attendance. To show them the benefit of not skipping work and motivates other team members to stay more engaged at work.

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