Hubilo was formed in 2015 to foster more profound, more meaningful event participation among event organizers, participants, and sponsors. This endeavor started with Machine Learning powered matching, which brought individuals together at an event based on shared aims and interests. This aim was broadened to include solutions that addressed more of the demands of event planners, such as event marketing, both online and mobile app development for events, ticketing, and more.

The main moto of Hubilo

Hubilo is designed to make you and your company stand out. Hubilo offers it all, whether you want to make your event match your brand’s look and feel to a particular product or get actionable data and insights on the behavior of the attendee’s.

The Hubilo Engagement Cloud is a software platform that allows you to engage with your customers. Moreover, Hubilo Engagement Cloud is the industry’s most comprehensive suite of virtual gamification and engagement features. These features will help in improving attendee satisfaction. It will also help you engage your audiences in ways that produce commercial benefits, whether through tailored attendee journeys that scale or amplify your brand.

Platforms Offered by Hubilo

Virtual Event Platform – If you want to give the finest attendee experience, use Hubilo’s virtual event platform. Through Hubilo’s virtual event platform attendees can engage with one another in a variety of ways, including one-on-one chats, the event stream, polls, Q&A, and more. There have been several breakouts, you can set up numerous breakout rooms and lounges to keep people involved. Encourage guests to contribute in a number of ways by using the leaderboard. 

Different Components of Virtual Event Platform

  • Don’t settle for a simplistic session presentation. Hubilo can handle any type of session, including panels, seminars, and presentations, with any size audience. Your live or pre-recorded sessions can connect to the most popular platforms, such as Zoom and YouTube. To keep attendees engaged, you may employ a variety of engagement elements including live polls, chats, and Q&A.
  • User interfaces that are simple to use increase involvement. The Hubilo’s user interface is designed to emphasize important events while also allowing users to drill down to their specific area of interest as needed. The contextual global side panel on Hubilo maintains track of what’s occurring right now, as well as relevant info from your main page. Hubilo is also built to connect individuals, whether in a session, a room, a lounge, or a one-on-one conversation.

Hybrid Event Platform – The hybrid event platform of Hubilo is the most efficient way to reach and engage a huge audience. Trust Hubilo to help you plan and execute your next hybrid event. Hybrid events remove the constraints that come with live events, such as the amount of participants, sorts of speakers, and even sponsors. With hybrid event platforms, you can now combine a live event with a virtual event that is more relevant to your audience.

Hubilo uses its virtual and live event experience to provide everything you need to execute your next hybrid event, from registration to faultless execution, as well as diving into the event’s ROI with our rich analytics. Hubilo has extensive attendee engagement knowledge that will assist you in bringing together people from both online and physical events. 

Different Components of Hybrid Event Platform


  • Participation is straightforward no matter where you are. Hubilo’s easy-to-use hybrid event platform is designed to highlight important events while also allowing participants to drill down to their specific area of interest as needed. The contextual global side panel monitors what’s occurring right now, as well as data from your main page. 
  • Virtual sessions can be used to enhance in-person training. Hubilo’s hybrid event platform can not only remotely broadcast your in-person session, but it can also keep participants engaged with a variety of interaction options including live polls, chats, and Q&A. You and your sponsors can create a variety of virtual sessions to enrich your in-person agenda, such as panels, seminars, and presentations.

Solutions Offered by Hubilo


Make your marketing strategy more effective.

  • You may reach a global audience with virtual and hybrid brand events.
  • To present items, use immersive video streaming, creative themes, and multiple branded areas for logos, movies, and banners.
  • Interact with prospects one-on-one or in groups, score leads to uncover qualified options, and increase your return on investment.

Calculate your return on investment.

  • Track event KPIs with rich analytics.
  • Keeping track of registrations, attendee engagement, networking, session attendance, and quality leads is essential.


As a consequence, members will be able to network more effectively.

  • By meeting one-on-one, conversing, and participating in group chats, members may grow their network.
  • Using Hubilo’s breakout spaces, encourage the sharing of ideas through panel discussions or seminars.

Encourage your members to participate actively. 

  • With Hubilo’s simple navigation, members and guests will be able to immediately understand what is important to them. 
  • The software makes it simple to engage in live sessions and join meetings or seminars through desktop and mobile devices.

Event Management

For all clients, reimagine events.

  • Color themes, backdrops, banners, logos, and other modifications are available to meet the demands of your clientele.
  • Get total control over the design of virtual and hybrid events to meet the specific demands of your customers.

Increase the audience’s involvement.

  • Real-time participation is encouraged through live conversations, polls, and other interactive elements.
  • Use Hubilo’s lounge feature to schedule short, relaxed conversations in between sessions. 


Networking can help you generate leads.

  • Exhibitors may use immersive video conferencing to meet with prospects at their branded booths or have a casual conversation in our lounge area.
  • Each visitor’s behaviors are logged, allowing exhibitors to contact the most interested buyers in real time.

Make sponsors the center of attention.

  • With eye-catching banner advertising and sponsored advertisements that run concurrently with live sessions, you may highlight top-tier sponsors.
  • Sponsored lounge tables may become the focus of some of the most heated debates among attendees.


Relationship-building networking

  • Students, professors, and alumni all feel more connected to the greater community.
  • Roundtable meetings, coffee breaks, and other activities benefit from one-on-one contacts, breakout rooms, and lounges.

Zoom fatigue-fighting Engagement 

  • Regardless of the sort of event you’re planning, you may increase engagement by making your virtual or hybrid event interactive.
  • To persuade your audience to learn more, you can also employ Q&As, live chat, polls, and surveys. 


It is highly recommended that you test out the Hubilo demo before acquiring a Hubilo subscription. During the demo session, you will get an all-in-one platform demonstration as well as how to use multiple platforms for specific scenarios. You will also get tips and strategies for increasing audience involvement, as well as demos of real-time, ongoing sessions. 


Hubilo delivers everything you need to build up your next hybrid event, from registration to faultless execution, by leveraging the virtual and real event experience. It will definitely help in engaging your workers. 

Bring your team together with engaging town halls and team meetings in addition to using Hubilo for external events. Utilize these opportunities to the most to boost employee morale and spread business culture. Live chats, polls, surveys, and contests can all help to boost involvement. For informal talks or topic discussions, gather smaller groups in lounges or breakout areas.