PrimeRx is a hybrid pharmacy management solution developed by Micro Merchant Systems for independent retail pharmacies, drug store chains, long-term care institutions, physician offices, and other businesses. The application may be installed on-premises or in the cloud. Point-of-sale capabilities, pill imaging, inventory management, compounding, barcode creation, and other functions are included in PrimeRx. By examining the existing patient, prescriber, and drug inventory data, the system assists service providers in filling electronic prescriptions. A compliance dashboard is also offered to users, which provides information on refill management methods. Bin management, electronic ordering with wholesalers, the capacity to update costs via electronic data interchange files, and the ability to back up data on distant servers are all included in PrimeRx’s workflow management module.


The system is easy to use and features a basic UI. It’s simple to teach new employees how to utilise the programme. They also provide training sessions and have several training videos available online. Their customer service is excellent, and they assist users in promptly resolving concerns. Their support crew and developers continue to be creative when providing new features and functionality when it is desired. They reply swiftly and handle problems efficiently. Their support team appreciates collaborating with clients to comprehend challenges entirely and develop appropriate solutions. The programme was created with independent pharmacy owners in mind. They are, without a doubt, the market leaders in the field of separate pharmacy management software. Everything is on one page, and processing claims does not need many stages. With all the information on the claim amount, the manner the claim status and billing details are shown is impressive.


When establishing a prescription, PrimeRx makes the workflow process simple to follow. A live workflow panel on the left side of the screen allows users to control the prescription process, which is an advantage over rivals. A top panel enable the pharmacist to access patient information, refills, data entry, document batch scans, prescriber information, and prescription information. The system itself is pretty sturdy, with several configuration options. When a new business requirement cannot be met through the system, the Micro Merchants staff is present and willing to explore the best feasible solution. When a system upgrade is required, they respond quickly. The programme is simple to operate and to train other staff to utilise. The programme is elementary to use, and it does not require any prior knowledge of computers. To manage the programme, you may either use the keyboard alone or in conjunction with a mouse. To use the programme, no special shortcuts or symbols are required. Regular upgrades and customer service are also far superior to most pharmaceutical systems. The system is simple to use and straightforward in training new users. They also provide SMS reminders for patients to complete prescriptions or if automated refills are possible. There are too many functions to use for our company. They have a POS system, a delivery module, and a speciality module, to mention a few. The programme is excellent for reconciling claims and obtaining real-time profitability and performance data. There are also several technologies available to assist in raising margins and volume.


The inventory tab isn’t particularly appealing. There are far too many challenges with attempting to create a report that is specific to your needs. The way the system counts has far too many flaws, especially if the order is unbilled or has been submitted. Inventory reports are inaccurate due to the way inventory is counted. There is no way to search by Rx number. Insurances are unable to have a set expiration date. Customer assistance isn’t always helpful, and consumers are frequently treated rudely. Occasionally, boxed error messages appear, indicating code faults. The method of dual billing insurance is two-fold. First, you cannot charge two insurances at the same time. When loading an e-RX pending script, there is latency. There is no way to change the ex directive/sig when the drug is invoiced. Some standard reporting may be improved, and additional information provided. The option to modify reports is not easily available. They’ll inform you that automatic refills are an option, but the software doesn’t appear to support it. You must manually retrieve a report of what was filled in the previous month, look through it, and refill it. The EDI system for ordering medications is a disaster. The PrimeRx software will submit the order instead of leaving it in the wholesaler’s basket, which implies you won’t be able to see any errors like amount or alternate NDC. When their delivery module is on the bill, it may charge people twice for the same Rx.