G Suite is without a doubt one of the most stable and trustworthy sets of office productivity software. However, you can work more efficiently by progressively learning the dozens of G Suite tips and techniques that will help you become a better G Suite employee.

Many G Suite customers are unaware (or unwilling to investigate) that they may enhance their experience by using G Suite add-ons. So, you might think about what G Suite add-ons actually are and which ones should you use to improve your G Suite experience? Don’t worry this article will not only guide you through but will also give a review on the best add-on.

Overview of GSuite Add-on

G Suite add-ons are bespoke extensions for G Suite programs such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. They may bring new functionality to the G Suite app, extend or enhance an existing function, allow you to automate particular work processes, or simply draw in data for a third-party application, depending on the add-on you’re using.

G Suite apps are designed to help you work more efficiently and effectively. Some assist you in establishing connections with third-party services to understand your workflow better.

The Best GSuite Add-on

There are many GSuite Add-ons for Gmail like EmailAnalytics, Boomerang, Trello, Asana, and many more, but the best one is Mailcastr.

Mailcastr is an email tracker that works with Gmail, G Suite, and Android. It is compatible with the desktop versions of Gmail, which improves email productivity by letting you know when your emails are accessed. Get email tracking information no matter where you work. When the recipient opens and replies to your email, you’ll get a notification on your Maincastr as an Addon on your browser. This Add-on will let you use the dashboard to acquire the comprehensive read history and email statistics you want, as well as to determine the ideal moment to follow up. This Add-on is appropriate for salespeople, marketing, growth hackers, business development people, entrepreneurs. Mailcastr’s has two most popular plans. The first plan comes for free, which allows you to track unlimited emails, signatures, and brandings. However, this plan is only for personal use; you cannot track links and email templates. Whereas the second plan, known as the professional plan, comes for $5 per month (If opted for a yearly subscription), with this plan, you can track unlimited sent emails, create unlimited signatures for emails, track any number of links, and remove the MailCastr branding from your sent emails. You can opt for a monthly subscription of the same plan. It will cost you $6 per month. So, it is generally recommended that before opting for monthly or yearly subscriptions, you take the 14-day free trial to get to know what additional features you are getting in the professional pack.

Pyten Labs released Mailcastr – Email Tracker for Gmail. First, you might think about which technology is present in this mailcastr and how this add-on is such an accurate tracker. Mailcastr implements the transparent pixel technology, which has long been engaged in the email business. A pixel is embedded in your message when you use Mailcastr to send an email. Mailcastr’s server receives the request when the recipient’s email client or program loads the picture, and we log it as an open event.

The connection between the Mailcastr website (mailcastr.com), its owners Pyten Labs Pvt. Ltd., and these Mailcastr Service Terms (these “Terms”) is explained in these Mailcastr Service Terms is apparent, so that users do not face any kind of problems while understanding. Moreover, the Mailcastr Services allow you to post, send, and utilize information and other content (collectively, “Your Content”) to and through the Mailcastr Services. You alone are responsible for the accuracy, quality, legality, and method of obtaining Your Content. 

In order to test it for the first time, confirm that the MailCastr chrome plugin is installed on your desktop/PC. Then, send a message to someone by writing it or forwarding it to them. Just below the Gmail send button is a Mailcastr send button. Send the email, and it will appear with a single check-in the sent list on our dashboard. You will receive a notice on both PCs once it has been read. This is because the single tick has now become a double tick.

How to install the MailCastr extension

To add the Mailcastr extension to your Microsoft Edge application or other browsers, you need to follow these simple steps.

  • To begin, install the MailCastr chrome plugin on your PC/Desktop browser from the Edge Add-ons store or the Chrome Web Store.
  • Next, select the “Get”/”Add to Browser” option and then select “Add extension” from the popup. 
  • Then, sign in to Gmail with the email account you want to use.
  • You will be taken to your Gmail home page if you sign in again with the same email address.

If you correctly complete the instructions mentioned above, Mailcastr – Email Tracker for Gmail should be ready to use on your Windows PC or Mac. You’ll be able to avoid any system-related technical troubles this way.


It’s no surprise that email is the most effective way to communicate with others. The conventional method of delivering promotional SMS to subscribers is no longer used. Instead, it’s beneficial to rehearse in front of a local audience. However, sending emails is the most excellent method to interact while pitching your product or service online.

Almost everyone checks their email two or three times every day. Furthermore, unlike SMS, you don’t have to worry about text constraints while sending an email. All you need is a Mailcastr program and an email list to get started. Using the following steps above, you can install this Add-on, saving you a lot of time. Hope you find this helpful information. You can undoubtedly choose this fantastic productivity enhancement tool and start working more efficiently.