What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a path or journey that a user goes through before becoming a customer of your company. Not every business prospect will turn into a customer. Some will drop out at the first stage of the sales funnel, others in the middle, and only a few will buy your product or service at the end of the funnel. When the aforementioned sales journey is represented graphically, it takes the shape of a funnel. As a result, it is referred to as a ‘sales funnel.’

Here is a top to bottom layer arrangement of a Sales Funnel, you can imagine the top elements as the open end of a cone. 

First Layer: Prospects are people who have expressed an interest in the product or service. Visitors to your website or store, for example.

Second Layer: Contacts are people who want to learn further about your goods or services. For instance, consider newsletter subscribers.

Third Layer: Leads are people who are actively looking to purchase one of your products and services. Clients who have requested a demonstration of your product or service, for example.

Fourth Layer: Finalists are people who have expressed an enhanced degree of interest in your goods and/or services and intend to purchase them. Customers who have signed up for a free trial period are an example.

Fifth Layer: Clients are people who have purchased one of your goods or services. Final customers are an example.

Importance of Sales Funnel 

  1. Prospects can be easily converted into customers.
  2. Enhanced sales
  3. Creating trust in the minds of potential customers
  4. Prospects who qualify
  5. Creating a lead base.

What is Click Funnel?

ClickFunnels is a drag-and-drop website builder that focuses on sales funnels or simply a sales funnel builder.

So, with ClickFunnels, users have two choices.

  1. If you already have a website, just connect it to ClickFunnels.
  2. Don’t have a website? Start one now with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has a plethora of high-converting sales funnel templates that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. The best part is that you don’t need to be a programmer to do so because the builder is entirely drag-and-drop. In addition, their plans include funnel page or website hosting. So there’s no need to be concerned about the server’s uptime, speed, or anything else.

How to Set Up?

  1. Navigate to the ClickFunnels homepage and click the “Start your free 14-day trial” button.
  2. Next, sign up for a ClickFunnels account.
  3. You should be able to access the ‘Dashboard’ after creating an account. Hover over the profile icon in the top right corner of the dashboard and select domains.
  4. Select the ‘Add domain’ button to register a new domain name or configure an existing domain name (if you already have a domain name).
  5. After you’ve set up your domain name, you can begin creating sales funnels. Navigate to the dashboard and click the “Create new funnel” button.
  6. On the funnel creation page, select the funnel type you want. ClickFunnels typically provides 22 funnel types:
  • Squeeze page
  • Live demo
  • Daily deal
  • Auto webinar
  • Bridge
  • Hero
  • Homepage
  • Summit
  • Cancellation
  • Application
  • Ask campaign
  • Survey
  • Video sales letter
  • Membership
  • Invisible
  • 2 Step tripwire
  • Storefront
  • Webinar
  • Product launch
  • Lead magnet
  • Sales letter
  • Reverse squeeze page
  1. Alternatively, you can use the “Classic funnel builder” button to create your own custom funnel.
  2. Once you’ve decided on a funnel type, it’s time to choose a funnel template.
  3. After you’ve chosen a template, click the “Get funnel” button to begin customizing your funnel by clicking the “Edit page” button. You are free to change the URL of the landing page as you see fit.

If you already have a website and want to integrate it with ClickFunnels, click the “Integrations” link under the profile icon. ClickFunnels works in tandem with platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.

Important Characteristics

  1. Builder with drag-and-drop functionality
  2. There are innumerable conversion-oriented funnel types and templates available.
  3. Options for branding with your own domain name or URL
  4. Integration with well-known website platforms such as WordPress and Shopify
  5. Follow-up emails and SMS are sent to customers and subscribers.


Sales Funnels are an excellent way to track the journey an individual takes before purchasing any of your goods or services. Clickfunnels plays a vital role in creating such funnels which are customized and easy to create so as to bring in traction.