Marketing and expanding a startup can be difficult in today’s competitive environment. With the steady flood of new entrants, the marketing landscape is so tumultuous that it appears like a new startup is created every few minutes. It’s critical to find growth hacking tactics that work for your company. This article “Startup growth hack ideas in 2022” will give you clear insight.

Even if it appears to be hyperbole, it is a disturbing reality for entrepreneurs who face competition from 80 new businesses born every hour, according to a poll.

While dealing with competition is difficult, competing for client’s attention within the din of market noise is laborious work in and of itself.

The inability to grow swiftly while in their early phases is a distinguishing reason for the failure of as many as 9 out of 10 businesses.

As discouraging as this may be for budding entrepreneurs, it is not impossible to accelerate and sustain quick development in the early phases of a company.

You may quickly use growth hacking strategies for startups to generate efficient and astronomical business growth by utilising growth hacking methods for startups. As a result, every entrepreneur swears by growth hacking as the chosen rune of the current marketing playbook. Here, we’ll look at a few growth hacking strategies that will work out for your benefit.

#1. Create an email waiting list.

Purpose: To attract more customers, and reach out to specialised consumer bases.

“The money is in the list,” as the old cliché goes, literally applies to growth hacking as a potent method for generating new leads and converting them. Of course, the list here is comprised of your email subscribers, with this manoeuvre utilising email marketing as a viable growth technique.

With the help of tailored landing pages, you may build an email list in the early phases of your startup. Building an email list allows you to collect client information and communicate with your audience in advance.

You may take advantage of this by pre-launching your product to the general public and getting feedback on how well customers appreciate it before you officially debut it, and are you able to get prospective purchasers before you officially launch it?

However, merely developing an email list isn’t enough because the success of your campaign is determined by how well you communicate with your target audience. Before approaching prospects, make sure your product has gotten adequate attention.

Writing Stash, a web directory of author tools is a great example of this. It boosted its email subscriber list by 2000 subscribers in two weeks by having visitors to its website sign up for an email drip campaign.

#2. Use Live Chat to Provide Real-Time Support Objective.

Purpose: Convert “dormant” users to “active” users.

Assume you’ve had a successful launch and your product has received a resounding response. The biggest blunder you can make at this point is to rest on your laurels.

Customers are most turned off when there isn’t enough information about your product available to them. It’s the leading cause for 67 per cent of consumers cancelling their memberships. They become irritated and, as a result, abandon your goods as quickly as they discovered them. So, how can you prevent this from happening?

Your customer service professionals will be able to guide consumers consistently throughout their trip if you provide them with live chat software. When you use a strong live-chat platform, you can provide real-time product assistance and information to customers when they need it.

Since implementing a live chat tool, The Dufresne Group, a Canadian home furnishings company, has seen a 10x spike in online sales discussions in just two weeks. It shows how live chat may be an effective growth hacking strategy for startups.

#3. Use a third-party platform to pre-launch your product.

Purpose: The goal is to get a fresh perspective on your product.

While proactive customer assistance via a live chat platform works wonderfully, it’s also a good idea to get some feedback on your product before launching it. Pre-launching your product on third-party marketplaces such as Product Hunt can help you achieve this goal.

You can submit a lite version of your product to sites like these, where a large number of people collaborate to uncover products that are about to debut. You can show your product to a worldwide audience and get ideas from the feedback to improve your product and its features so that it has a successful launch and positive reaction.

#4. Use Q&A Sites and Communities to Increase Engagement.

Purpose: Use websites and communities to get the word out about your product or service.

Visit niche Q&A websites and forums to provide responses on relevant topics is one extremely simple growth hack strategy that entrepreneurs can apply. Long-tail keywords are frequently used in the inquiries posted on these forums and websites. This produces far more relevant and accurate search results. This is the primary cause for the rise in popularity of these platforms.

Answering questions on these Q&A platforms and forums can help businesses gain a reputation as topic experts. It can also assist them to diversify their link profiles, increasing website traffic, and earning audience confidence.

#5. Put money into referral marketing.

Purpose: Turning customers become brand enthusiasts is the objective.

If you ask any marketer what the most effective technique to drive growth is, you can bet they’ll say referral marketing. One of the most effective growth hacking strategies is relying on referrals to promote growth. It’s so popular that a Nielsen survey found that when a family member or friend recommended anything, visitors were four times more likely to buy it.

When you have a large number of consumers who are satisfied with your items, this strategy works extremely effectively. If you have this, you can spend on consumer incentives to boost the effectiveness of your marketing approach.

Dropbox is a classic example of referral marketing done properly. Dropbox gave existing users an extra 500 MB of free space for each friend they invited. Dropbox saw a large rise in conversions and countless new signups as a result of this tactic.

#6. Take Advantage of HARO’s Press Opportunities

Purpose: To generate “good press,” to pique interest in your product or service.

HARO, or helping a reporter out, is a fantastic growth hacking approach for showcasing your knowledge. It assists you in generating positive press for your product by responding to requests and queries from journalists and reporters. While it is a time-consuming process, it is also an excellent way to assist you to raise brand recognition for your product.

One thing to avoid is giving reporters too much information because they are very specific about what they require. When done correctly, though, it can be extremely beneficial.

Take the Spider Solitaire Challenge team, for example, they’ve had a lot of success getting press coverage by looking for questions related to their industry and responding within a few hours of receiving the email. They are thorough in their responses to any inquiries, They begin by describing how their expertise can be of assistance.


Startups, on the whole, don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing. These growth hacking strategies for startups will help entrepreneurs sell their services and goods to their target audience in an effective and proven way. The Startup growth hack ideas in 2022 mentioned herein will go a long way to fulfilling your marketing objectives.