The most underappreciated tool for a business is marketing. It paves a bridge for newer and budding startups towards a unique potential consumer base. Every organization needs some marketing to make sure that its product is being marketed well. 

Despite all the benefits that marketing provides, it remains one of the most complicated and challenging professions in the market. It is believed to be a profession that requires no skills and knowledge whatsoever and depends on a person’s network. This notion is not entirely accurate as marketing is not a layman’s job; it requires excellent communication and persuasion skills and great knowledge about market research and consumer knowledge. 

One such application is Swaarm, an integrated marketing and performance tracking application that is ideal for finding a suitable consumer base and analyzing trends in the market. 

In this article, you will learn all about Swaarm and how it will help your business in terms of marketing. If you are already interested and intrigued, continue reading! 

About the Platform

The improvements in the marketing sector are primarily due to a wide range of tools available to businesses to undertake their marketing operations. One such excellent tool is Swaarm which is a perfect option for newer companies to incorporate.

Swaarm is an integrated marketing and performance tracking tool by a Berlin-based company. The developers took full advantage of automation and machine learning in their platform. They created Swaarm to provide an AI-run platform that eases the time and efforts of the company when it comes to marketing and advertising.

The team at Swaarm are professionals from various tech and business industries who bring their years of experience and expertise to the company. According to the Swaarm management, their team is a bunch of tech geeks with the passion and desire to make Swaarm the best platform.

Swaarm takes pride in stating that they are the first ever platform to provide advertisement tracking technology. You can track the advertisement in real-time on a fast and smooth performing infrastructure. 

They will help you in creating targeted advertisements for the right audience and with automation and optimization, your marketing journey will be smoother than before. They are proudly one of the most economical marketing softwares in the market. 

Now that you have got a brief overview of Swaarm, it is time to learn about the interesting features that are offered by the platform.

Features of Swaarm

  • Real-time performance tracking – With the help of AI technology and machine learning, Swaarm can provide its users with live updates on the performance of their business campaigns. Periodic reports and assessments are sent to the users with the help of machine learning.
  • Finding the perfect consumer base – When done manually, finding the ideal consumer base for a business is a very tough and hectic job. With the help of market and consumer research tools, Swaarm helps identify and target the right consumer business.
  • Finding automated offers by researching the market and previous clients – Having solid offers on the products is a powerful way of marketing when combined with a call to action. Using machine learning tools, Swaarm creates personalized recommendations for different consumers and companies.
  • Live link tracking system – Leads and offers are arguably one of the most significant marketing elements. There are various marketing leads, and recommendations are in progress at any given time; Swaarm has an advanced link tracking system that constantly monitors the ongoing charges and offers on the products and services.
  • Advanced billing – Swaarm helps analyze the monthly transactions and automatically create bills.
  • Automated insights reports – Swaarm analyzes and gives detailed insights about marketing projects via various research and machine learning tools. 

After looking at all the application features, let’s look at the pricing.  

Pricing of Swaarm 

Swaarm is a super packaged application that covers many features and services. They offer two price packages – grow and accelerate. The grow package is priced at $599 per month and the accelerate package is customizable according to your needs and preference. 

With a variety of marketing tools present in the market, let’s find out the competitive advantages Swaarm has over other marketing tools and why people should choose Swaarm over others! 

Why should you choose Swaarm?

It becomes very convenient for the consumers when they have automated tools in their Arsenal that help in the reduction of time and money. Swaarm works on a 4-way model: Fast, Intelligent, Targeted, Efficient. Beginner-friendly applications which have an easy interface are always on the top in the market. And Swaarm has a very beginner-friendly interface that has Simplified tools for novice users and meets the requirements of more advanced users.

Reporting and queries in a business are widespread; Swaarm can do all these functions within seconds. It provides advanced data science tools that help run apps like SQL and python notebooks across real-time projects and historical data.

All these functions are included in the platform, and no added third-party fees or setup is required. Automation also reduces the risk of fraud and errors to a considerable extent by incorporating a postback shield; the user has complete access to the traffic and also filters out events in real-time.

Swaarm has taken full advantage of automation in its platform, which helps provide special functions to the users. According to the creators of Swaarm, their goal is to give the people an all-powerful marketing tool that helps in scaling the business. Their team is fully dedicated to creating the best-automated marketing tool and has big plans to further assist businesses with their marketing goals.


Swaarm is an excellent tool for marketing and business companies, being one of the leading marketing tools currently present in the market. Automation and technology are two forces that drive the core functioning of Swaarm; It has a lot of AI-controlled tools that are provided at the users’ disposal, which surely will help users see their businesses skyrocket.

Swaarm has its niche uses; it’s best suited for companies with larger and diverse needs in the marketing category. The platform will act as a performance tracking and marketing tool with a coordinative and scheduling feature. Organized or established organizations have more extensive requirements for marketing and generation of leads; This Swaarm is the ideal tool for them!

We hope that you have a clear idea about the uses and functionality of the Swaarm platform by now. Do let us know about your experiences!