If you have a website online, you might have heard about Link Profile. A link profile is all those links referring to your website. It is one of the critical factors in maintaining a robust online presence, and even Google’s ranking algorithm uses it. Now you might be wondering from where I would get one for myself. This is where That.bio enters! This, That.bio review helps you create your Professional profile and manage it without hassles.  

For a newbie, That.bio may be a bit confusing. Further, you won’t find any valuable resources or reviews about this site on the Internet right now. But you don’t worry; in this article, we have provided a complete That.bio review. So, all you really want to do is peruse it until the end.

That.bio – Features

There are several features available on That.bio and we will go through them one by one through this That.bio review.

Daily Statistics

Don’t get scared by reading Statistics in the name above. You won’t have to perform any calculations or play with numbers. That.bio provides its user with daily statistics which you can monitor and expand your website according to it.

that.bio review

Further, That.bio also has the option to integrate with Google Analytics, which has many features such as analyzing characteristics of the audience.

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Calendar Integration

With That.bio’s Calendar Integration, you will get your bookings directly from your profile, which will help you save time and effort. You can also manage your appointments with clients using it.

Full Customization

This feature allows you to create an overall outlook of your links and images. You can change the font and colors of your links in a heartbeat.

Sharing on other platforms

Using That.bio, you can easily share your page on social media sites like Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Deep Links

Deep links directly send a user to a specific location you prefer. For example- if you want your user instantly to land on the LinkedIn app by clicking your link, you can use this potent tool. That.bio allows easy deep links to your desired location with features such as overall clicks and visits.


The site also has its blog, where you can find many articles related to Marketing, Branding, and Advertising. You will gain insights about building a strong online presence from here.

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UTM Parameters

For those who don’t know about UTM parameters, these texts help track analytics of the traffic you get on your site. Software like Google Analytics often uses these parameters to figure out the overall traffic reports. There are five parameters mentioned below consisting of UTM.

that.bio parameters

  1. utm_source
  2. utm_medium
  3. utm_campaign
  4. utm_content
  5. utm_term

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We all know how significant SEO is for the process of optimization. In its premium version, That.bio provides you with SEO features, which could be a game-changing factor in getting high traffics.

That.bio – Review

That.bio is a great website to build your link profile as a newbie. It provides various features and helps in reducing your overall efforts towards your page. However, the site is entirely new and still has to introduce many features. Another drawback of the site is that their chat support is not active enough and helpful.

that.bio features

So, if you want to start building your profile on the web, That.bio is an excellent option to start this journey. But if you want more features and good customer service, there are better options available.

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Pricing and Premium Version

The basic version of That.bio is entirely free, and it offers you only 3 to 4 features. In addition to that, the free version allows you only to create one project and Biolink Pages. 

However, things are the opposite in the paid version. You get to create unlimited projects, bio, and short links. Further, you get features such as No ads, Facebook Pixels, SEO, UTM parameters, Links scheduling, and much more. Right now, the premium version of That.bio is priced at USD 14/month and USD 168 annually. The price is lower in comparison to some of the link-building sites.


That.bio is helpful for professionals in building link profiles. It has some flaws, which you can ignore considering it is a new site and is growing currently. It’s not a terrible choice, especially for those who don’t have much time to put effort but want a platform to get all the data related to their sites. 

Finally, it depends upon you whether you want to use it for your link profile or not. But we would suggest you try it at least its free features to get an overview. You can always switch to some other link-building sites later.

That being said, we have given all the valuable details, and our That.bio review for the site and the final choice depends on you.

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