Social media holds immense power to disseminate any information to the mass. As you try to grow your business, managing so many social media platforms can get hectic. Every type of business, be it small or large, should have social media management tools. As a result, they will have a lot of time creating quality content and curating strategies to keep their audience hooked on their brand. The applications will make it easier for users to handle all of their social media posts, marketing, and management. 

Do you want to know which social media management tool will be the perfect match for your business? Given below is the list of the 12 best social media management tools along with their unique features. The list entails applications for both large and small businesses respectively. 


Ripl is a very famous social media management application that helps companies create professional-quality content for their social media audience. This feature-packed application makes it easy to create visual media. For example, videos catering to the brand with just a few clicks. Ripl offers you thousands of templates along with almost half a million stock media so that you can create ingenious content and animated images.

As a result of using Ripl, you can write your content, schedule it, or directly post it across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and youtube through Ripl. You can start using Ripl with its 7-day free trial and can pay $14.99 monthly or choose the yearly plan for $119.88, which would be $9.99 per month. 


Agorapulse is such a social media management application that helps big agencies and businesses curate, manage and track all of their social media-related work. The price range for using this application is $79-$159 per month.

Here are some of the special features that Agorapulse offers to its users:

  • Unified social inbox – Track all the communication including messages, reviews, and comments across every social media platform in a single space. 
  • Social listening – This feature enables all social media managers to track significant conversations as well as insights about your brand and your competitors. 
  • Collaborative tools to create reports, plan and schedule content by distributing tasks to your team members.


Hootsuite is yet another well-known social media management tool that covers almost every aspect of managing social media handles – from the curation of content to customer interaction. The price for using this application starts from $79 to $739 per month. Here are some of the intriguing features of Hootsuite:

  • Publish – Create and publish content
  • Engage – Engage with your audience with quick replies
  • Monitor – Monitor latest market trends
  • Advertise – Promote your content to fetch maximum reach
  • Analyze- Measure your progress in every social media

Sprout Social

While bombarding you with several features for your social media-related work, Sprout special will also give you an option to analyze the result of the impact of your content on your audience. The price range is between $29 per user/month to $249 per user/month. 

  • Engagement with the unified social inbox feature
  • Publishing and scheduling of the contents
  • Access social data and analytics
  • Social listening to uncover trends
  • Employee advocacy to increase brand awareness


Buffer is one of the most flexible and simple to use social media management tools in the market. With prices ranging from $0 for individual professionals to $12 for the teams, it is one of the most affordable social media management tools. In addition to being a reasonable tool, Buffer will help you to:

  • Publish and create your content
  • Analyzing the already uploaded content
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Building a customizable landing page


This application is especially for the creators and business owners who want to promote their products and services online. Easyclout also aids the users to track their growth through publishing, analytics, and activity features. The best part is that it only has one plan where you will get full access to the features for $19.95. You can add up to 80 social media accounts with 8 social media accounts on each platform if you buy this premium package.


Zoho is a cloud software suite that prioritizes users’ privacy and is suitable for both small and big size businesses. The price range for using Zoho depends on the social media platform you are working on. The features of this user-friendly software are:

  • Posting calendar for scheduling
  • Single dashboard for simple collaboration
  • Zoho integrations like Zoho workspace, campaigns, and CRM


Sendible is another intelligible social media management tool that anyone can use. It gives you a collaborative platform so that your team can cooperate, work on the content, and at the same time curate a report after analyzing the content. You can choose from a price range of $29 – $399 per month for using this application. 

From providing one common dashboard to work on to publishing, collaborating, analyzing, and monitoring trends, this application is indeed a go-to option for all kinds of businesses.


If you are a small business owner, SocialPilot should definitely be an option for you! With common features like a social media calendar, content curation, social inbox, and analytics, it offers a single space for your entire team to coordinate the work. In addition, the price scheme is something that makes SocialPilot unique. It ranges from $25.5-$127.5 per month depending upon the number of users. 


NapoleonCat is an all-in-one social media management tool suitable for individuals to agencies. Its social inbox and auto-moderation features make this application stand out from the rest of the applications. Other features include workflows, team management, analytics, scheduling, and publishing. However, depending on the number of social media handles and users, the price range is distributed perfectly. It roughly ranges between $21-$477 per month depending on the number of users and the package.


The aim of Hubspot is to save your time so that you can put value to your content across all your social media platforms. It successfully helps you achieve it by providing you with features like publishing and posting content, analyzing, monitoring, and reporting. Again, the pricing is tailored according to the number of users and number of social media accounts. But you can expect a price range of roughly $45-$1600 per month.


CrowdFire is one of the most used and affordable applications for social media management. This is one of the few applications that have a free plan with many useful features. Along with the usual features like publishing, analytics, and brand monitoring, the content curating feature is what sets it apart from the rest of the applications. 

In addition, it has an article recommendation tool that will help you create the best content for your feed. You can create images and pre-schedule your posts. The price range is between $0-$74.98 on a monthly basis depending on the number of accounts linked and team members.

Which one is the best? How to choose?

The table given below will show you which is the best social media management tools according to your specific requirement. 

CategoryName of the applicationReason
Best application on the listZohoEntails different kinds of products ranging from sales to project management. 
Most affordable applicationBuffer In such a minimum price range, it offers professional-level features.
Best application for small businessCrowdFireAffordable with many features.
Best application for large businessZoho and AgorapulseBoth of them have a plethora of features and different price schemes for various needs.

By the end of this article, and in other words, you must have chosen the social media management tool which is best suited for your business. So, which one did you go for? Let us know!