Substack is a platform for email newsletters for authors, journalists, and content creators. It was intended to assist independent producers in monetizing their work through newsletters. Subscribing to top substack newsletters assists you in creating and maintaining a website.

Instead of displaying adverts on their website or relying on freelance writing assignments, newsletter proprietors may directly offer Substack memberships to their readership. 

top substack newsletters
Top Substack Newsletters

Substack newsletters provides a payment option for managing subscriptions. It develops a funnel that allows readers to access some free information while restricting the rest to subscribe to read it.

The advantage of Substack newsletters is that creators do not need to be technologically knowledgeable. You also don’t have to bother about social networking, plugins, or other blogging-related technological tools. 

Writers can utilize it to share their work with readers for free. Substack charges a 10% commission on paid subscribers if you decide to publish a premium newsletter.

Selected Substack writers participate in a series of private virtual workshops focused on the creative process, community building, and monetizing the writers’ work. Substack also provides an 8-week mentorship program. Continue reading to get more info about top substack newsletters.

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Best Substack newsletters to subscribe to

1. Opulent tips

Subscribe if: you enjoy high fashion and can obtain an invitation.

opulent tips - top substack newsletter
Opulent tips – Top Substack Newsletter

It is one of the top substack newsletters. It’s so much fun to read about a topic (fashion) that you think you know until you realize you don’t, and you need an expert (GQ‘s style writer and taste aficionado Rachel Tashjian) to explain it to you. Her Substack is divided into sections (named departments) and is only accessible via invitation. Don’t be discouraged; she regularly adds new people and announces when she accepts new subscribers on Twitter. My favorite part of this one is when Tashjian – who has a unique sense of fashion and a deep understanding of Princess Diana – writes witty bits of prose that aren’t precisely articles, but “we’re all thinking it!”

2. Luke O’Neil

Subscribe if: you are into Culture and Politics.

In 2018, Luke O’Neil established a substack newsletter to share his reporting and essays on various themes. They are all linked by the concept of the world, which transforms into “a pit of sorrow.”

He writes stories beyond the typical news and confronts the world’s problems head-on, rather than sugar-coating them. O’Neil may use Substack to avoid traditional news reporting and write freely about what he thinks is significant in a failing world.

O’Neil has over 1100 paid subscribers out of his total of 7000, and he now has an agreement to have his articles published as a book.

3. High Tea

Subscribe if: you live and breathe TikTok.

This smoldering weekly email delivers the specialized Digi-cultural criticism you didn’t know you needed. High Tea, the brainchild of best friends Alice Ophelia (an American writer and social researcher) and Faye Maidment (a British digital marketer), delves beneath the surface of seemingly innocuous TikTok trends (dueting, Olivia Rodrigo, the Ratatouille musical) to discover what they reveal about Generation Z.

Maidment and Ophelia, self-described “zeitgeist addicts,” trace the linkages from one side of the globe to the other, giving brilliant deep dives into what occurs when the culture goes digital.

4. Rave New world

Subscribe if: you desperately miss partying.

rave new world - top substack newsletter
Rave New world – Top Substack Newsletter

Michelle Lhooq‘s substack newsletter feels like a closely guarded secret. It was there that I first learned of a rave in Brooklyn where decoys were set up to fool cops and two gay lovers were making an NSFW movie for their OnlyFans on the makeshift outdoor dancefloor. Wild! Partying during the epidemic has been a prominent topic covered by Lhooq from various and authoritative perspectives.

Lhooq also provides anecdotal information about drugs and other psychedelics — ketamine is on the upswing in New York, while shrooms are popular in Los Angeles. Aside from the ranting, there have been some amusing dispatches from the #FreeBritney movement and the latest MAGA Capitol storming.

5. Gen Yeet

Subscribe if: you’re tired of the mainstream news cycle.

gen yeet - top substack newsletter
Gen Yeet – Top Substack Newsletter

Terry Nguyen‘s bi-weekly (or monthly) newsletter has it all: advice on how to manage your internet addiction, incisive commentary on America’s student debt crisis, expert meme deconstruction, and article recommendations, all wrapped up in a newsletter that is a part stream of consciousness, part window into the cultural and political mess the United States has found itself in.

As a seasoned staff writer for Vox’s consumer culture blog The Goods, Nguyen’s pieces cut through the nonsense to provide an educated and balanced perspective into GenZ’s identity and good old consumer trends.

6. The Dirt 

Subscribe if: you don’t want to read a novel but love entertainment.

the dirt- top substack newsletter
The Dirt – Top Substack Newsletter

The best part of this substack newsletter — an email about entertainment – is how short it is. Kyle Chayka, an author and occasional contributor to The New Yorker, understands that we don’t have much time. Every morning, he sends out The Dirt, which he usually authored and sometimes by guest authors. The topics covered range from Bridgerton (to which a whole week was devoted), Industry on HBO (another themed week), the Capitol storming, and the latest Sally Rooney book. His perspectives are excellent because they are longer than tweets but not complete essays—Amen and A women are succinct.

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Writers don’t always have access to a place to write with unbiased candor about themes they care about.

The beauty of Substack newsletters is that they have established a space for writers to  connect with readers without worrying about ads or technological tools.

Substack offers a handy content management system (CMS) for publishing newsletters, integrated payment, and a content-focused website.

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