Are you a business owner and stressed about your invoices, pending payments, expenses, and money transfers? Are you tired of managing your accounting services and need a helping hand to tackle a few things? If yes, then Volopay is just for you. With this app, you can track all your business activities and be rest assured. 

About Volopay

Volopay is a business account app that brings together your corporate credit card, money transfers, and other accounting services into one convenient location. The software allows businesses to automate periodic vendor payments and overseas money transfers while providing a 2% return on all foreign exchange transactions made with their card. Businesses that send international money transfers to their vendors on a regular basis may find their subscription services valuable. 

Volopay is a subscription-based solution that allows businesses to consolidate corporate credit cards, bill payments, cost reimbursements, and accounting automation into a single platform. 

Volopay is especially appealing to businesses that need to send payments to overseas vendors on a regular basis because it provides some of the best remittance services available.  

Companies can save money on payments to suppliers and capital transfers. Volopay also offers money transfer services to over 130 countries, making it an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses with global operations. You can also get 2% cashback on any foreign exchange transaction if you use a Volopay credit card. 

The Different Services Offered By Volopay

Expense Management

With regular and hefty expenditures in a business, many business organisations struggle with tracking and managing expenses. To manage expenses one can use Volopay. Volopay’s purpose-built all-in-one expense management software offers: 

Simplified Tracking

Volopay makes it easy to capture receipts on the spot on your mobile phones. With your Volopay card, you can pay small cash claims and costs in seconds and save the transaction receipts. 

Virtual and Physical Cards

Any expenses you accrue with Volopay cards are coded and linked into your accounting system. Virtual cards have their own set of benefits. You may make a separate card for each subscription or online payment, establish a limit on each one, and freeze any of the cards at any time.

Real-Time Tracking 

For each transaction, you will receive notifications and email alerts from Volopay. You will also be provided with spending stats, allowing you to understand better what you should or should not be spending your money on. 

Corporate Travel

Volopay also has a travel booking platform that handles everything from beginning to end.

Discounts on bookings

Volopay’s discounted booking prices might save you up to 30% on your travel expenses.

Everything in one place

With Volopay, You can schedule and pay for your business travel all in one spot, with no hidden charges.

Make use of business cards when travelling

You can choose business travel cards for yourself and your employees, and you will be able to travel with ease at any time and in any location while keeping track of your spending.

Subscription Management

With Volopay, you can keep track of subscriptions easily. With Volopay, you can: 

Manage your subscriptions in a more efficient manner

With Volopay, you can now see all of your subscriptions in one spot and set up alerts and reminders to make sure you pay your bills on time. 

Sync your accounting software with your transactions

When every subscription you have is synchronised to your accounting system, it is much easier to keep track of everything. With Volopay in only one click, this information can be updated right beneath your provider. 

Invoice Management

On Volopay’s spend management platform, you can sync all of your payments, submit them all, and get discounts for paying early.

Manage your vendors

To save time and energy, You can use the Bill Pay feature to activate customised payment approvals for your vendors, regardless of where they are located.

Process and approve invoices

Whether you have five or fifty invoices to submit, you can send them all at once, get them approved, and have them paid on time by your finance team.

Business Account

With Volopay, you can make and keep track of all the business activities. 

Create several global accounts

Volopay allows you to store your money in an Australian Securities and Investments Commission-compliant ANZ account (ASIC).

Highest levels of security and privacy

Keeping in mind the security and privacy of your data, Volopay uses bank-grade security encryption and access mechanisms, so you can relax knowing that your information is safe.

Plans and Pricing

Volopay have three plans available for its customers. 

Premium Cards 

With this plan, a business can manage its spending and expenditures with basic core features. Those core features are:   

  • 3% Cashback on card transactions with an annual subscription, and 1% Cashback on card transactions with a monthly subscription. 
  • One Physical card per user
  • Unlimited Virtual cards
  • Xero and Quickbook integration
  • OCR 
  • Reimbursements
  • Auto Approval

This plan is best for small sized enterprises. If your business fall under this category then you can book a demo and then decide if you want to go ahead with this app or not. 

All-In-One Plan 

With this plan, you can create custom workflows and open multi-currency accounts. This plan offers everything that the Premium Cards plan offers plus:

  • Money transfer options – domestic and international
  • Zero payment fees for both domestic and international transfers
  • Multi-currency wallet
  • Enforceable budgets
  • Get custom workflows
  • Complex Approval Policies

This plan is best for medium sized enterprises. If your business fall under this category then you can book a demo and then decide if you want to go ahead with this app or not. 

Enterprise Plan

This is a customisable plan and is well suited for large organisations.  

This plan offers everything that an all in one plan offers plus: 

  • Integration with Netsuite
  • You can get Custom designed cards
  • Custom integration with HR tech and other software
  • This plan provides additional bookkeeping services
  • Cashback – 3% and above with annual subscription, and Cashback – 1% and above with monthly subscription. 

To know more about the plans and feature, you can also contact the product experts. They will assist you to pick the best plan suited for your business. 


Volopay is a great option for companies who want to merge their corporate credit card and vendor payments. Furthermore, if your business does not frequently contact international clientele, you will be unable to fully utilise the cashback advantages on corporate cards. 

Do you use Valopay? If so, please share your experience with us!